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8 sweater trends to wear this winter

What a joy to bring out the pretty cozy sweaters every year who will accompany us all winter! However, are these sweaters still in fashion? Winter and its activated cocooning mode does not mean that you have to forget the style! What are the women's sweater trends in 2020 ?

Here is an overview to be stylish all winter long with warm sweaters . Focus on winter 2020 sweater trends ?

What sweater to wear this winter 2020?

Here are 8 sweaters to adopt this winter to look beautiful while staying warm.

Stylish with an oversized sweater

The oversize trend is a hit this year. This retro-looking cut gives us a touch of nostalgia and takes us straight back to the 80s and its excessive "sizes". Adapted to the must-have fashion pieces of the season, this is how the oversize has invaded our wardrobes. Coats, t-shirts, sweatshirts and sweaters!! Here is how to wear the oversized sweater in style this winter:

  • The first rule of thumb with an oversized sweater is to tuck part of the sweater into the pants or skirt!
  • Second rule for not looking like a potato sack:feminize your outfit! Choose chic pieces, wear heels or ankle boots and opt for straight and structured pants.

Trendy with a puff sleeve sweater

Always very present, the oversize inspiration is even present in our sleeves and distorts the classic silhouettes to give them volume and amplitude.

Puff sleeves are a bit like the maxi version of oversize! Oversized for a touch of extravagance and a bit of couture spirit for the elegant side. It was enough for the trend to be adopted and declined in all its forms.

How to wear the balloon sleeve sweater ? As the sleeves are puffy, it is important to balance the silhouette. For example, you can emphasize the waist with Mom jeans, high-waisted pants or an A-line skirt. Be careful though, if you have an already imposing build on your upper body, this shape will not highlight your figure.

Chic with a cashmere sweater

If you are looking for a warm sweater then you have to opt for a cashmere sweater. A real ally against the cold, cashmere is a noble material that adapts to the humidity of the air for our greatest happiness. The wool of cashmere sweaters is not only incredibly soft, but cashmere sweaters are also fashionable.

Match your cashmere sweater to raw jeans and ankle boots for a casual chic look.

Irish style with a cable sweater

This is one of the biggest trends of the year. If you go for a shopping spree, you are bound to see models of twisted sweaters in stores (Irish sweater).

For an elegant look and a personal touch, you can wear this sweater with a shirt below.

Elegant with a turtleneck sweater

Although its name is not very catchy, the collared sweater chimney sweep no less attractive. It's the perfect sweater for staying warm with elegance thanks to its zipped collar. We love him for his feminine/masculine clothing style which is very trendy this year.

If you are looking for a trendy look, choose it in a beautiful material to accentuate the chic side and wear it with feminine outfits such as a leather skirt or slim jeans. Spruce it up with high heels or trendy ankle boots.

Warm with a turtleneck sweater

It's the return of the turtleneck sweater ! Once shunned for its old-fashioned side, it is again more trendy than ever. And so much the better, because if there is one sweater that keeps you warm, it's the turtleneck.

Practical and fashionable, it avoids snuggling up under an XXL scarf and keeps our look intact. Once again, the turtleneck reminds us of the 80s when it had its heyday.

To wear the turtleneck sweater in style, team it with urban pieces like flare jeans or a pencil skirt.

Refined with a ruffled neck sweater

Theround-neck sweater with ruffles is the chic sweater par excellence. In no time, it dresses up an outfit thanks to its very refined Victorian neckline. Its gathered lace trim is very sophisticated and goes perfectly with many fashion pieces.

The committed brand Sezane offers very pretty sweaters with ruffled collars. If you are looking for brands at more affordable prices, you can also find very nice models in stores like Pimkie , H&M and Zara .

Retro with a jacquard sweater

You would never have bet on it and yet... It is proof that you should never throw anything away because trends sometimes make surprising comebacks on the front of the stage …this is the case of the jacquard sweater !

Revived by designers who surf on the Scottish style, it is the perfect sweater for a casual look. Combine it with very current fashion pieces such as a leather skirt, thigh-high boots or simple raw jeans to modernize it.

In conclusion

If you are looking for warm and stylish sweaters to wear this winter , here are the 8 trendy sweater models in 2020:

  • Oversized jumper
  • Sweater with balloon sleeves
  • Cashmere sweater
  • Cabled sweater
  • Troyer collar sweater
  • The turtleneck sweater
  • Ruffled collar sweater
  • Sleeveless jumper