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How to wear chinos with style?

Chinos is one of the pants to have absolutely in your dressing room. Its cut is flattering for most silhouettes, making it a great ally for creating different looks.

New centerpiece in the women's wardrobe, the chinos is a must-have for casual looks, just like the unbeatable jeans.

Thought the chino fit was only for office wear? Well no, you can even wear chinos for a wedding !

Here is our complete guide to learning how to dress with chinos. How to accessorize your outfit?What shoes to wear with chinos? All our recommendations are in this article.

What are chinos?

Chinos are pants that belong to the style of casual pants . Its fabric is generally cotton twill, a material also used to make certain denims.

Much less formal than tailored pants but dressier than jeans, chinos are a good compromise for many outfits. Not only is its fabric lighter than most casual style pants, but it can also be combined with many pieces.

You can wear chinos to the office , to go out or for a trip with friends.

Its cut is generally high waisted with or without darts at the waist and rather straight or tapered cut on the lower leg.

Chinos for which morphology?

The cut of chinos suits almost all body types.

  • For thin women, chinos are perfect. It can be worn in all its forms, in casual mode as well as in chic mode.
  • For little ones, chinos have the advantage of lengthening the legs if you choose them tapered at the bottom of the leg (don't forget to wear them with heels).
  • For tall people, this is a very flattering fit. You can choose it in a straight or slim fit. Be sure to choose bolder colors on the upper body if you don't want to look too tall.

And the chino pants for curvy women?

These are the perfect pants to hide curves. Its straight cut and high waist camouflage unsightly bulges and lengthen the silhouette without molding the hips! Its cut is super comfortable and its material is much lighter than its alter ego, jeans.

What to wear with chinos?

There are tons of options for creating a cool look with chinos. As with every fashion piece, the combinations will mainly depend on your style of dress.

What top with chinos for women?

It all depends on the desired look. The choice of your top will mainly depend on the event you are going to and your basic style of dress. Here are some ideas for which top to wear with chinos.

  • For an office look, the ideal top is still the white shirt. Opt for beige chinos and wedge sandals to complete your look. Also remember to belt your pants to mark the workwear spirit.
  • For a sophisticated look, choose blouses or shirts in refined materials such as lace, embroidery or silk.
  • Looking for casual outfits? A basic V-neck t-shirt or a tank top in summer will do!

Also be sure to match the colors of your pants and your top. For example, if you wear navy chinos for women , opt for a nice marinière or a white top to create an interesting contrast between the top and the bottom of your outfit.

Khaki chinos are very nice in summer with a white top. Perfect for bringing out the tan!

Which jacket with women's chinos?

  • The blazer is a great choice of jacket to wear with your pants. It accentuates the chic side in no time and feminizes your outfit.
  • The perfecto will give an ultra modern touch to your look.
  • The bomber jacket is also very pleasant to wear in mid-season with chinos.
  • Finally, the trench coat can go perfectly with a classic look.

What shoes with chinos?

Most shoes pair perfectly well with chinos.

To give style to your outfit, dare to wear shoes with a trendy print like python or leopard. It's a great way to bring a modern twist to neutral-colored pants.

Chinos are mostly in classic and neutral colors, so colored shoes will immediately give character to your outfit.

  • In summer, you can choose pumps for a chic outfit or mule type sandals or sneakers for a casual style.
  • In winter, opt for heeled ankle boots.

Derbies are great for playing on the trendy feminine/masculine style.

How to wear chinos in winter?

In winter, opt for a warmer material than cotton:thick canvas or corduroy!

We turn to colder colors such as gray, navy blue, beige, khaki for easier matching.

However, you don't have to limit yourself to these colors if you like colorful looks. You can try a burgundy, a mustard yellow or an electric blue to give your outfit some pep. Know that white pants are also an excellent choice in winter. Find out here how to wear white pants.

What sweater to wear with chinos? For a classic style, opt for a thin V-neck sweater. For a more sophisticated style, we prefer a thicker, slightly oversized knit.

In summary:

Chinos are one of the casual/casual pants to have in your wardrobe. With its flattering cut, it suits all silhouettes. Whether you are thin, tall, short or curvy, the chinio is made for you!

Here are some tips for wearing it in style:

  • If you are curvy, opt for a cut with darts at the waist.
  • For a chic look, choose refined tops (lace or silk blouse, white shirt).
  • For a casual look, wear basic cotton tops and sneakers or mules in the summer.
  • Dare shoes with a modern print (python, leopard) or shoes in bright colors for a modern look.
  • In winter, opt for corduroy or thick canvas chinos to keep warm and wear heeled ankle boots.