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Tips for choosing the right plus size sexy lingerie

There's nothing like a beautiful set of fine lingerie to boost your self-confidence and feel irresistible!

Discover our advice for choosing the right plus size sexy lingerie :morphology, chest size, cuts, materials, patterns... You will know everything!

Know your size and morphology to choose the right plus size lingerie

While being sexy is mostly about attitude and mindset, having nice underwear in your size can't hurt. A few tips for choosing the pieces that will enhance you, depending on your height and your morphology.

Which shapes for which silhouettes?

To know which shapes of bra and panties (or tanga or thong or whatever you prefer!) will go well with your morphology, we advise you to apply more or less the same advice as for clothes.

  • For an A-line silhouette for example, do not hesitate to choose a "voluminous" bra:frilly, wide straps, bustier cut … The idea is to draw attention to your upper body to rebalance your silhouette. For the bottom, on the other hand, if your hips are wide, opt for more discreet models.
  • If your morphology is more of a V , with the shoulders wider than the hips, reverse these tips and bet on discretion at the top, and volume at the bottom.
  • O-shaped morphologies will benefit from opting for a push-up bra , which will draw the eye to the chest and erase the belly, and possibly choose high-waisted panties, very sexy on a curvy woman.

Know your (true) chest measurement

Despite the fact that we all wear a bra every day, few people know their true bust size. However, a bra in your size is essential to be comfortable, properly maintained and highlighted. So take the time to take your exact measurements, and consult the size chart of each brand.

Shaping underwear:sexy or granny?

Sexy, definitely! It has been several years since shaping briefs regained the pantheon of fine lingerie , And that's good ! There are now many beautifully crafted models that easily fall into the sexy lingerie category, so don't deprive yourself.

Materials, patterns, colors… What to choose to be sexy?

Regarding the colors, materials and patterns of your plus size sexy lingerie, there is no real rule. Satin, silk and lace remain staples of the genre, and are very good choices. Nothing prevents you from opting for more daring things if you like:leopard,, sequins, frills…

The important thing is to assume what you wear, without feeling disguised! On the other hand, be sure to always choose good quality materials, which will give you a much prettier look:cotton lingerie, silk, etc.

The essential pieces for curvy and sexy women

Here are the pieces that we think are some of the absolute must-haves for plus size sexy lingerie.

The plus size bodysuit and basque

We love the bodysuit and the plus size corset :these two pieces allow you to smooth and redraw your curves, while emphasizing your waist and highlighting your neckline:to ask for more?

The babydoll nightie and its negligee

Wiser than the corset but still very sexy, a beautiful babydoll worn with a negligee remains an excellent option to be sexy in lingerie. We recommend the babydoll shape, which enhances the bust and flares out from the waist , , it will give you an irresistible air of “sexy without doing it on purpose”. If you're rather tall, try a long nightie, split on one leg, sexy effect guaranteed!

The stockings + suspender belt combo when you have curves

Classic but oh so sexy! The stockings and garter belt set is really a must in terms of fine lingerie. In addition, it goes very well to curvy women, as long as it is correctly chosen. We recommend that you opt for a fairly wide suspender belt, and avoid very thin waist cinchers, which are less suitable for luscious morphologies. And don't forget to match your bra and stockings to your garter belt!

In summary, to choose the right plus size sexy lingerie:

  • We take the time to choose the right size.
  • We make sure to choose our plus size sexy underwear according to our morphology.
  • We opt for a babydoll for a wise but sexy look.
  • As long as you feel good, you can afford (almost) anything!
  • Silk, satin and lace are the sexy materials par excellence.