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What outfits for a casual chic style?

You have certainly heard of it, the casual chic style is the strong trend of the moment. What is really behind this name? What is a casual chic style?

This very fashionable style adapts to all situations. It is just as good for going to the office, going out with friends or going to an evening with friends. It's a sweet mix between casual pieces and chic pieces. Fashion bloggers have understood it, casual chic is perfect for being elegant while looking relaxed. Among other things, you will give the impression of being well dressed with nothing, just because you will have correctly associated your pieces.

Decoding the casual chic style or how to easily achieve your casual chic look. Here are our look inspirations in pictures!

What is the casual chic style?

The casual chic style is certainly the most popular women's dress style in recent years. And this for a very simple reason:it is an easy style of dress to adopt without breaking the bank. You just need to have the eye to match the right pieces and create the perfect casual chic look.

To adopt a casual chic style , just pair dressy pieces with more casual ones. In other words, it's a style that makes you look casual while still being stylish.

You don't need to overdo it to achieve a chic casual style. For example, we will match a beautiful, refined blouse with a basic item of clothing or a much less formal piece such as jeans or a leather jacket.

How to have a casual chic look?

Add essential basic pieces to your wardrobe

In order to create endless combinations of casual looks, you will need to slightly adapt your dressing room. If this one is only composed of beautiful unique pieces with refined details, you will certainly have difficulty matching them easily.

You will encounter the same problem if your dressing room is only made up of used pieces that you have kept for years...

How to choose the right fashion pieces?

The casual style corresponds to so-called casual pieces. Casual clothes often have fleece, cotton, canvas or denim materials.

You can for example opt for:

  • jeans
  • a perfecto
  • a sweatshirt
  • a denim jacket
  • a loose basic T-shirt with a V-neck or a round neck
  • an oversized sweater
  • a wool vest
  • chinos
  • sneakers
  • a marinière

For the chic touch of your outfit , you will have to choose more sought-after and more refined pieces with more noble materials such as lace, tweed, silk, etc. Also consider choosing unique pieces with ruffled details or unstructured cuts.

You can for example opt for:

  • a beautiful blouse
  • a white shirt
  • high-waisted pants
  • a palazzo
  • a black dress
  • a black skirt
  • a tailored jacket
  • a fitted blazer
  • a suit outfit

Go for neutral colors

To match your pieces easily, prefer neutral colors such as black, gray, white white, cream etc. If you have the eye, you can also have fun creating a shades of gray or white and layering several pieces.

4 ideas for women's casual chic looks

Mix black and white pieces

One ​​of the chic casual outfits the easiest to replicate is this:black or raw jeans with a plain white t-shirt, black blazer and white sneakers. Add a chic bag and take care of your hair and makeup to complete your outfit with elegance.

Combine jeans with white and cream tones

A simple fitted blazer can easily bring a chic touch to your basic outfit. For example, you can choose to wear flare jeans or mom jeans with white trainers and a white T-shirt by sublimating it with a fitted cream-colored blazer.

Mix a chunky knit with fitted pants

Sometimes it doesn't take much to add a chic touch to an outfit that seems very casual.

What could be nicer than wearing an oversized knit sweater Or a woolen cardigan when it's cold? To stay chic with your chunky sweater, pair it with chic pants by playing on the combination of colors (preferably always neutral) and opt for a nice pair of shoes (derbies, moccasins, etc.).

Choose a trendy print paired with a white T-shirt

If you choose to ‘combine a basic white tee with a piece with a trendy print , you will have just. This year, animal prints are everywhere. You can then mix a python or leopard print midi skirt with a loose basic T-shirt.

In summary:

The casual chic style is the mix of casual pieces (jeans, leggings, sweatshirts, t-shirts) with chic pieces (dress, skirt, blazer, shirt, blouse). This style is very easy to obtain and does not require a large basic investment. All you have to do is tastefully combine the different pieces you have in your wardrobe while keeping up to date with the latest trends to shop for trendy accessories.

Here is how to achieve your casual chic look :

  • you must have several basics in your wardrobe (casual pieces with a rather sporty look)
  • your basic pieces should be neutral in color (grey, black, white, grey)
  • beautiful materials (lace, silk, tweed) immediately add chic to an outfit
  • if you opted for a chic piece on the upper body, opt for a relaxed piece on the lower body (and vice versa)
  • don't forget the accessories for a touch of elegance (leather belt, leather handbag, silk scarf etc)
  • don't neglect make-up and hair, they are also important to look neat while keeping that relaxed spirit that we love so much in casual chic