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9 Avril Paris jewelry to accompany your summer in style

The beautiful days are already well established throughout France! You can bring out your shorts, skirts, tank tops and little flowery dresses to give your skin a good vitamin D cure. But that's not all, by discovering certain parts of your body, you will be able to highlight your summer jewelry. The summer collection of 9 Avril jewelry, known for its shell bracelets, will go perfectly with all your outfits and your mood of the moment.

Come and discover in this article how the 9 Avril jewels will give style to your outfits and embellish your summer.

April 9 jewelry, who is the young Parisian designer?

Stéphanie Wyters is a young woman who is passionate about styling and fashion. A few months ago, she embarked on the adventure of entrepreneurship by creating 9 Avril Paris. Why this name? It is an association between her month of birth (April) and her lucky number (9), as well as her passion for jewelry and her city of birth (Paris). Take it all, and this is how thebrand 9 Avril Bijoux Paris was born. . In this e-commerce, you will find many creations, all handmade in the beautiful city of Paris and all as unique as each other.

Unique, original and quality jewelry

Since the creation of her small business, the young Parisian has made a name for herself thanks to her shell bracelets, which have remained the bestseller in the boutique . But today, the choice of jewelry is quite wide between rings, anklets, necklaces, earrings, etc. all as charming as each other. You will inevitably find jewelry on your wrist with a shell bracelet or on your neck with a heart necklace.

In addition, if you have always dreamed of thinking outside the box and opting for unique, original and local jewelry (no made in china here!), you will love the shop! You should know that all 9 Avril Paris jewelry is designed and then manufactured by Stéphanie Wyters from her workshop located in Paris. Which allows her to create a story for each of her bohemian jewelry .

Very affordable prices for designer jewelry

9 Avril jewels are unique pieces made by hand in the capital. Do you think all of these elements together will raise the stakes? Well no, it's quite the opposite. For unique jewelry of this quality, the prices are very affordable . They vary between €29 for a pair of simple gold-plated earrings and up to €65 for a gold-plated trio bracelet.

Commitment to its customers, but also to the planet

As you have understood, the designer is committed to creating unique and quality bohemian jewelry in the center of Paris to satisfy her customers, but also her creative spirit. But that's not all. In addition to being committed to these customers, more and more of whom are seduced by shell jewelry, Stéphanie is also committed to the planet through eco-responsible packaging.

When you order an anklet or a heart necklace, your order arrives directly at your doorstep in a 100% biodegradable packaging . The packaging is made with at least 70% recycled materials for the cardboard and 100% for the packing particles. Not to mention the kraft adhesive which does not contain silicone. It can therefore be recycled with your household boxes.

Summer 2020 jewelry trends

If you follow the weather trends a little, this summer it will be hot, it will be sunny and you will be able to wear your most beautiful trendy jewellery! To help you a little in your choice of trendy, bohemian and chic 9 Avril jewelry, we have prepared a small selection of our favorites to wear proudly this summer.

The white moon shell bracelet

It's a high quality shell bracelet . The 34-carat gold-plated chain is very pleasantly thin and light. For the shell, it is refined so that it takes on the shape of a moon (moon). We love this shell bracelet, because it goes perfectly with all our summer outfits without forgetting its discretion.

The Sunshine necklace

To wear alone or with a heart necklace, this necklace seduces us with its small golden feathers in 24 carat gold plating. It is very fine, discreet and delicate. If you like this pattern, don't delay! It is one of the most requested for summer 2020, as it goes perfectly with your best beach looks.

The Acanthe Nacre ring

This ring is made of 24-carat gilding and genuine mother-of-pearl . This rather big ring caught our eye, because it revisits the signet ring that we all know, but with a much more feminine and soft side. What we appreciate the most is that before discovering this brand, we had never seen such a brand!

Sunshine hoops

If you love bohemian jewelry, you'll love her 24-carat fine gold earrings! With the sunshine necklace, they form a magnificent set to display in the Parisian boulevards or on the beaches of the Côte d'Azur.

The Agadir anklet chain

Who says summer, says bare ankles. So, to highlight them, we chose this ankle bracelet gilded with fine gold who caught our eye as soon as we arrived on the online store. The ankle bracelet is very thin and delicate, it goes perfectly well with wedge heels or cute little open sandals.

In closing, we love the 9avril Paris brand! What imagination and creativity! Unique, French and quality jewelry, it's not on the streets today, so why deprive yourself? However, if a model has caught your eye, don't wait, because all creations are limited editions. They will come back to the store, or not!