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All our tips for dressing well when you're plump

Do you have luscious breasts, rounded buttocks and wide hips? You are one of the curvy figures ! Whether you like your curves or have trouble accepting them, learn how to make them an asset by adapting your style of dress to your morphology.

For curvy women as for slender women, some fashion tips are valuable to highlight the silhouette. Some clothes are made to enhance curvy women while others are real pitfalls to avoid.

Discover all our tips for knowing what clothes to wear when you are plump ? How to choose your clothes when you have curves ? What are the cuts, colors and types of accessories to favor with an O morphology ? Mes Habits Chéris tells you everything.

How to dress when you are a curvy woman?

What clothes to wear when you are plump?

The cut of clothes

When you have an O morphology, the objective is very simple:camouflage the curves and highlight your assets. The clothes chosen must therefore bring verticality to the silhouette in order to break the round and horizontal side.

First, draw the eye to your bust with a nice neckline. Opt for a V neckline, a square or wrap neckline. To choose your top, always bet on fluid and light materials and ban tight-fitting stretch-type materials.

It is ideal to wear 3/4 sleeve or long sleeve tops because strapless and short sleeve tops tend to fatten the arms.

For the lower body:prefer pants with a straight cut and a high waist. Try to wear pants without side pockets and above all, be sure to choose light materials. Jeans are certainly practical but they are thick, just like leather, velvet etc.

Straight cuts are your allies! Wear flared or straight skirts or even a pencil skirt for a sexy look. Jackets and blazers should be adjusted not too tight and above all at the right length. A jacket that is too short will tend to break the silhouette and highlight the curves.

For dresses, once again favor fluid materials and avoid dresses that are too short. Wear your dresses at knee level or long dresses such as empire dresses, wrap dresses, wrap dresses, shift dresses, kimono dresses or V-neck dresses.

The color of the clothes

Monochrome tones refine the silhouette, unlike prints which weigh it down. If you love prints, opt for understated prints. For example, if you wear polka dots, prefer small polka dots to large thickening polka dots. Same for stripes and flowers.

Favor monochromatic outfits and wear color. Dark colors are perfect for slimming silhouettes. You can wear midnight blue, pine green, dark gray, burgundy, eggplant purple etc. But don't limit yourself to dark colors because light colors soften the features.

Nude and pastel colors are very pretty on curvy women . They discreetly attract attention and discreetly harmonize the silhouette. Nude, cream beige, powder pink, water green, etc.

If you like flashy colors , mix bright colors with dark colors to tone down your look.

Which shoes for an O morphology?

Heels have the advantage of elegantly slimming the silhouette, hence the importance of choosing your shoes with a 0 morphology.

If you are not comfortable on high heels such as stiletto heels, trick with shoes with wedge heels. This summer, it's the big trend for wedge sandals of all kinds. These very feminine shoes are much more comfortable than stilettos or pumps. Choose a heel of about 4 to 5 cm and your legs will already look more shapely.

You can also opt for shoes with square heels for optimum comfort.

What accessories to wear when you are plump?

It may surprise you, but to highlight a type of morphology, accessories are important. For example, long necklaces are known to be necklaces that sublimate curvy silhouettes .

Earrings bring light to the face.

Choose dangling earrings to stay vertical and refine your silhouette with chic.

Style mistakes to avoid when you're plump

It is important to know your morphology, to know what mistakes to avoid when you are curvy . Some fashion pieces tend to widen the silhouette. Here are the mistakes not to make:

  • Wearing clothes that are too baggy:some women tend to want to hide their shapes at all costs and think they have no right to fitted clothes. They thus camouflage their curves under XXL T-shirts, clothes that are much too big and cuts of pants that are too wide.
  • Wearing clothes that are too dark. Color is an ally. Just dose it well. Favor the color on the upper body and mix it with a neutral colored bottom.
  • Wear sneakers or flats that don't elongate your figure (unless you're tall).
  • Wear low waists that reveal unsightly bulges on the stomach.
  • Wear clothes with side pockets (jacket, coat, blazer).
  • Choose materials that are too thick.
  • Wearing cuts that are too tight.
  • Wear tops and tops with very short sleeves that are mid-shoulder or strapless.
  • Wear belts. Better not to mark the size and favor straight cuts.