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Fashion trend:the trapeze dress

Iconic seventies dress , the geometric dress known as trapeze dress looks like a triangle, hence its name:trapezium.

Ultra-feminine, this dress is the emblem of the 60s and 70s and the emancipation of women. Years later, the trapeze dress is still relevant and remains a key piece in women's ready-to-wear collections.

Perfect for surfing the vintage trend and the sixty style , the trapeze dress is also very current and modern depending on the accessories with which you wear it.

How to wear the trapeze dress with elegance ? What morphology for the trapeze dress ? Deciphering a vintage trend that continues to seduce fashion designers.

What is an A-line dress?

  • The trapeze dress is a structured dress with a flared straight cut.
  • Its cut is fitted from the chest and then flares out at the waist.
  • It can be worn short or at the knees.
  • It can be worn with both chic and casual outfits.

Where did the trapeze dress come from?

Designed by designer André Courrèges, the trapeze dress was born in 1964 and immediately stood out for its avant-garde cut that turned current codes upside down.

Women's legs, which were previously hidden under long dresses, are freed up thanks to the short cut of trapeze dresses and mini-skirts.

Adopted very quickly by stars and actresses of the moment, the trapeze dress is very quickly on all silhouettes and becomes a symbol of femininity and freedom for women. At the time, the dress was worn with high flat boots and tights.

A-line dress, for which morphology?

The trapeze dress is particularly suitable for body types that want to hide unsightly curves in the hips and thighs. Thanks to its flared cut, the legs appear slimmer and the hips are hidden under the dress.

It is also a perfect dress for H body types (alignment between the upper and lower body and little marked waist) because it breaks the right side of the silhouette in H. The cropped cut adds an extra touch of femininity.

Figure 8 and X body shapes can very easily wear the trapeze dress by opting for a model with a well-defined waist.

On the other hand, if you have an A body shape (thin shoulders, wide thighs), this is not the cut of the dress best suited for you. With a morphology in A, it is better to choose a model that highlights the upper body!

The trapeze dress for curvy women ? Yes, the trapeze dress is an excellent choice for women with curves. Here are some tips for choosing your dress:

  • Always wear it with heels to slim the thighs and look slimmer.
  • As for cut and material, go for a fluid fabric and favor V-necks.
  • Prefer light unicolored dresses and avoid too marked prints.


When should you wear a trapeze dress?

The trapeze dress has the charm of retro cuts and the visionary allure of futuristic cuts. We love it for this surprising duality and for its different styles imbued with chic and elegant modernity.

  • If you are going to a chic party, you can surprise by wearing a sequined trapeze dress ! The glitter is very trendy this year and goes perfectly with a dress with a vintage cut.
  • If you are going to a social event, count on the purity of a white trapeze dress . Elegant in all circumstances, the white dress has this couture spirit that we love so much and which reminds us of the first models of the designer Courrèges.


Of course, as a guest, you will have to avoid white but you will find very pretty powdered or colored models such as pastel yellow, pastel green, powder pink etc. ..

You can also wear an A-line dress to go to the office or go out with friends. There are clothes for all styles of clothing, in all colors and with slightly different cuts depending on the desired style.

  • For a slightly more girly style , opt for a ruffled trapeze dress ..
  • For a summer outfit, trapeze dresses with straps are light and pleasant to wear.


How to wear a trapeze dress?

Why not surf the retro trend and opt for a short trapeze dress with a round neck? After all, this year is the return of the sixties !

For the perfect sixty look , choose a vintage pattern or print:checks, polka dots, geometric patterns, psychedelic prints etc. Pair your dress with high-top white or black ankle boots in the Drôle de Dames style.

On the other hand, for a more contemporary look, we dare to mix trendy shoes with her trapeze dress! Try derbies with short patterned socks or heeled ankle boots.


A fan of rock-inspired looks? Take out your biker boots and dare to mix them with a black trapeze dress for a total black look! Add a chunky choker chain for the touch of modernity.

Choosing shoes with your trapeze dress is also very important in setting the tone for your overall look.

So if you want a more chic outfit, opt for heels but if you want a casual outfit, put on sandals or flats.


How to wear the trapeze dress in winter?

In winter, we wear the long-sleeved trapeze dress pleated dress version or very flared and fluid dress. For a trendy look, pair your dress with high suede or velvet ankle boots.

In summary:

The trapeze dress is a very strong symbol of seventies looks !

  • For a retro look:choose a short cut with vintage, floral, geometric prints, etc.
  • For a chic look:opt for the white version of the trapeze dress.
  • For an all-purpose look:a black trapeze dress is very easy to combine with trendy pieces.
  • In winter, we mix a trapeze dress with long sleeves and high boots!