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What to wear mom jeans with?

Comfortable and trendy, the Mom jeans quickly became the darling of fashion influencers. We take stock of this super trendy cut:what it looks like, for which morphologies, and with what to wear Mom jeans to be stylish !

Reminder shot:mom jeans

In the vast world of denim, sometimes all it takes is a minute of inattention to lose track. Between the slouchy, the boyfriend, the slim, the straight, the pleated jeans, the mom jeans, and all the others, we don't really know where to turn. Before getting to the heart of the matter, we offer you a little reminder:what are mom jeans and what body types are they suitable for ?

What is the fit of the mom jeans?

The mom jeans belongs to the family of loose and rather casual jeans. It is high waisted, has fairly wide hips, and a straight leg, which can be refined at the ankles. It is, in fact, almost a cut of carrot pants. The mom jeans comes straight from the 80s and 90s, and is therefore right in the trend of the 90's revival that fashion knows today.

What morphology for Mom jeans?

Although there are different styles of mom jeans, unfortunately this denim does not suit all body types. Their wide cut at the hips in particular, makes them pants that are not very suitable for women with curves at this level (A-shaped morphologies for example). It is also not ideal for round women or women with a little belly. That being said, if you choose a raw canvas, black or gray, and add a simple long vest worn open, you should be able to cancel out the "fattening" effect of the mom jeans, so don't deprive yourself! Body types for which mom jeans are particularly recommended are the 8 and V silhouettes, since they will highlight the finesse of the waist and will nicely balance the hips and shoulders.

Choosing your mom jeans:the key to success

As you can imagine, it is not enough to have any mom jeans to be stylish, you have to have chosen the right one. We choose it according to its morphology first of all, and then according to its style. We make it simple for morphologies, since you will only have a few options in store. Either you have a marked waist and rather slender hips and legs, in which case you can bet on the great classic mom (high waist and vintage washed canvas, with turn-ups at the ankles); either you are thin but your size is not marked, and you will have to find mom jeans with a normal size rather than high (at the level of the navel); or you are rather plump and you should, in this case, opt for a high or normal waist, and dark mom jeans.

What looks and outfits with Mom jeans?

Now that we've all agreed on the B.A.BA, we can get to the heart of the matter:what looks and especially what shoes with mom jeans ?

Mom jeans and old school converse

The ideal mix for a vintage outfit directly inspired by the 90s. To avoid the disguised party effect, modernize the look with a trendy top and modern accessories.

Mom jeans and pumps

The combination of mom jeans and pumps works every time to create a nice smart-casual look. We recommend pumps with an asymmetrical cutout, which will go particularly well with7/8 e mom jeans . Don't hesitate to wear a dressy top, a flowing blouse or even a thin sweater with a Peter Pan collar.

Mom jeans and fashion sneakers

Want a nice casual outfit for the weekend? Nothing like mom jeans with fashionable sneakers . At the moment, we like metallic or glittery sneakers, or, for something more sober, the eternal white sneakers. All you need to do is wear a simple white t-shirt to achieve your casual Mom denim look .

Mom jeans and pointed toe mules

THE shoe of the moment, one of the trendiest of all this season, is the flat mule with a pointed toe. Paired with mom jeans , the must-have cut of the fashion-sphere, it's full fashion guaranteed. Add a voluminous sleeve or one-shoulder top and you're ready for fashion week.