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How to choose jeans for your slim fit man?

Are you looking for a trendy cut of men's jeans? Are you tired of seeing your man with badly cut jeans? Opt for the trendy cut of the moment:the slim jeans for men .

Why give slim jeans to Mr.?

Jeans are the essential piece of men's dressing. With its casual look, it can be worn in all circumstances and adapts to all styles of clothing.

However, it is not always easy to choose the right fit of men's jeans depending on its morphology. Depending on the brands, cuts, colors and finishes, the result will be very different.

Men's slim jeans are perfect for a casual look , modern and stylish. They will go just as well with a t-shirt or fitted fashion shirt.

And here are all our tips for choosing slim jeans for your man . Cuts, materials, tips for choosing and advice on morphology, Mes Habits Chéris gives you its secrets for finding the perfect slim pants for Monsieur!

The different cuts of jeans

First of all, it is important to clearly distinguish between the different shapes of jeans on the market.

  • The slim fit :neither too tight nor too wide, the slim fit is slim in the crotch.
  • The men's semi-slim jean cut :slightly tighter than the basic slim fit in the thighs and buttocks. It slims the leg even more without being tight around the calves.
  • The skinny fit:these are tight jeans with a low or medium waist.
  • The regular fit:these are the straight cut trousers par excellence.
  • The relaxed fit:this is a loose fit from the waist to the opening of the legs.
  • The loose fit:this is the widest fit of jeans. It is very airy, whether in the thighs, calves, waist or buttocks.
  • The bootcut cut:this is a slightly flared cut on the bottom of the jeans.

Slim jeans for men:the trendy cut of the moment

You have certainly heard of it, the slim fit man is the cut that we see everywhere lately. Why ? Because it highlights masculine silhouettes with elegance while remaining a relaxed fit . And in addition, it refines the legs of these gentlemen!

But what exactly are slim jeans for men ?

In short, it falls to perfection and offers a very trendy look. Skinny jeans can be worn with all kinds of tops, from basic t-shirts to well-fitting shirts. As for shoes, slim jeans go with everything:sneakers, derbies, loafers, etc.

This cut enhances the silhouette of men by depositing perfectly on the waist and sublimating the buttocks and thighs.

Be careful to make the difference between slim and skinny. The latter is much tighter in the legs.

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How to choose slim jeans for your man?

Choosing men's slim jeans according to their morphology

When it comes to fashion, nothing is left to chance. A fitted cut gives an impeccable finish and a stylish look. It is therefore essential to know the different morphologies of men to choose a suitable fit for slim jeans.

Among the existing slim jeans for men, the cuts will be very different depending on the brands.

  • If your man has an A shape so-called "triangular" (waist and hips wider than the bust, underdeveloped torso):low-rise slim jeans are the perfect pants. With its fitted cut, it highlights the shapes without being too loose and does not mark the thighs too much.
  • If your man has an H shape so-called "rectangular" (shoulders, waist and hips of identical width):the slim fit fits perfectly. It's better to go with low-rise slim jeans there too, especially if your man is tall.
  • If your man has a V-shape so-called "inverted triangle" (developed shoulders, wider than the waist and hips):the men's slim carrot jeans is perfect because it is loose at the hips. You can also opt for regular or loose high-waisted jeans.
  • If your man has an O shape so-called "round" (shapes at the level of the belly and the bust):go on black carrot slim jeans for your man if he simply has a few curves. Otherwise opt for a bootcut or regular fit.
  • If your man has a "trapezoid" body shape (hip thinner than the shoulders):it is important to choose a cut of high-waisted slim jeans .

The criteria for choosing men's slim jeans

To wear this type of garment well, certain details are important. Here are some tips for making your choice:

  • The color of slim jeans

The slim jeans are available in different colors. You will find classic ones in raw or light denim, but there are also some in black, gray and sometimes even burgundy, etc.

If you are looking for chic jeans that will be worn in all circumstances and even at work, opt for men's raw slim jeans.

Black is also perfect to accompany a nice fitted white shirt.

  • Washing

No question of going for jeans with a too marked washout with bands, this style is completely old-fashioned. On the other hand, opt for a discreet and refined wash.

Raw dark jeans are immediately dressier than light jeans. In summer, the fading of light jeans is perfect for a trendy and relaxed style.

  • Details

Find the best jeans for a man requires attention to detail.

First, take a good look at the pockets of the jeans (rivets and liners are stronger). If your man has flat buttocks, it is interesting to go for a model with pockets on the buttocks to give a little volume.

Also be sure to choose quality jeans with good fabric. If the latter is too light, the jeans will not hold up over time.

  • Choose the right size

It is important to choose a men's jeans fit trend Slim jeans are a fitted fashion piece that is worn close to the body. But beware, your man will hardly appreciate being too molded in his pants. It is therefore necessary to choose the size carefully!

  • Pay attention to the length of the jeans

A nice fitted cut should fall perfectly at the ankles.

Be careful not to choose skinny jeans that are too long.

If you have fallen for a slightly long model (lower than the ankle), your man can however roll up the bottom of the jeans to make a turn-up.