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Baby shoes:a vintage trend that we love

Real shoes that look like good little girls, babies have yet managed the tour de force of being the trendy shoe of the moment.

Far from the traditional ballerina to which it is often assimilated, the babies have everything to seduce fashion addict . In flat or heeled versions, they are refined in leather or suede and bring a very soft and feminine vintage touch.

The babies shoe blends perfectly with all kinds of trendy fashion pieces. A leather skirt, mom jeans, a floral dress, everything seems to suit her.

Where did these retro style shoes come from? How to wear baby shoes in style? What are the trendy models of baby shoes this season? Mes Habits Chéris tells you everything.

What are baby shoes?

Babies shoes have existed for a very long time. In the past, these were semi-dress style shoes that little girls wore to go to school, boarding school, weddings, etc.

These childlike shoes looked a bit like ballerinas with their round toe, ankle straps and patent leather.

The fashion of the time wanted them to be worn flat with tights or large high socks and skirts.

With the retro trend that has invaded the catwalks this year, babies have made a comeback in the world of footwear thanks to fashion designers.

With their woman-child look, the baby shoes with leather heels or flat feet bring a lot of style to an outfit when worn with trendy fashion pieces.

In a preppy look with a blouse, neo-bourgeois with a tweed blazer and straight pants or in a sixties version with a babydoll dress , the baby shoe has become a real fashion accessory for contemporary and trendy looks.

Babies shoes, for whom?

Dress style and babies

Babies are elegant shoes that go perfectly with modern cuts:skater dresses, midi skirts, high-waisted shorts, chinos, high-waisted jeans, etc. You can therefore make it the key piece of your look by opting for a flamboyant red, a soft and romantic pastel or even a chic and sober black.

  • They are very feminine with a short dress or a midi skirt.
  • We can wear them with a vintage polka dot dress as well as with a floral dress and a perfecto.
  • Depending on the material and shape you choose, they will be easy to pair with certain fashion pieces.

Going to a fancy event? Opt for baby shoes for a wedding , for a romantic dinner or a cocktail.

And in terms of morphology, are babies made for you?

  • If you're petite, opt for baby shoes with heels tops to elongate your figure.
  • If you are tall, prefer flat versions or with a short heel.
  • If you have thick calves, forget about flat feet and wear babies with heels to refine your silhouette with elegance. And above all, do not take a model with a strap around the ankle because it would tend to make them bigger.

How to wear baby shoes?

This season, pastel shades are in fashion. Nude, powder pink, cream beige, lilac, light colors are chic and romantic.

For example, you can opt for cream babies with camel chinos and a nude top.

For a sharp and ultra-modern look, dare the silver Mary Jane shoes !

In terms of material, leather and patent leather bring a vintage touch to your look. You can also wear them in suede or suede to warm up an outfit.

Pink, black, emerald green, royal blue, the colored version of babies is also very trendy and chic. Colored shoes very easily dress up a minimalist look.

For a trendy look, dare baby shoes with straps with a beautiful print (animal, retro or floral) that you will wear with mom jeans and a white blouse.

Do you like streetstyle looks straight out of Fashion Week? Dare to mix your babies with high socks , tartan trousers and an oversized blazer jacket.

In summary:

  • Babies are the trendy shoe of the moment.
  • Half-vintage, half-contemporary, it is the star of feminine looks par excellence.
  • It is very easy to wear in everyday life but also to go to a wedding or a chic evening.
  • It goes with almost all clothing styles (bohemian, casual, neo-bourgeois casual chic, etc.).
  • We dare the printed babies version for a trendy look.