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Which swimsuit to choose to hide belly?

The beautiful days are coming, summer is approaching and in perspective, holidays by the sea. What happiness! Yes, but for women complexed by their small apparent belly, another puzzle to solve:which swimsuit to choose to hide the belly? Whether you have a soft belly, rolls or love handles, know that many models are adapted to your morphology. Do not deprive yourself of the beach and immediately abandon your pareos and jumpsuits which have only one purpose:to hide you from view. Need help finding the swimsuit to hide belly fat ? One-piece, two-piece, colorful or printed:we share all our tips for finding THE swimsuit that will make you look your best.

Which swimsuit models should you choose when you have a belly?

This piece of fabric with very little coverage is rather tight-fitting, for women. Impossible to hide behind this garment. Depending on the swimsuit model chosen , you will have to use tricks to hide your belly .

One-piece swimsuit

The one-piece swimsuit is timeless , practical and turns out to be sexy, even ultra trendy, if the cut is well adjusted. Designers of lingerie and beachwear have brought this swimsuit up to date, although it has a very simple shape.

Aim for a quality and compact material to smooth your curves like the famous Banana Moon women's swimsuit that women love and surfers love.

Forget the belly tan, that unimportant detail. The one-piece swimsuit covers a good part of the body, the part you initially wanted to hide. A trick to camouflage your belly, which causes you so many problems, consists in diverting the attention and the gaze on something other than your belly . Do you have generous breasts or buttocks? Go all out on these assets:a V-neckline , underwiring to support the breasts, a low-cut bottom at the buttocks, the swimsuit trend of the moment!

The high-waisted bikini

Clichés, put them aside. Chubby or voluptuous women also have the right to wear what pleases them! The bikini to choose from combines a bikini top (of your choice) with high-waisted panties . Sheathing, it redraws the silhouette and the curves in the abdomen.

Think again, these girdle-style swimsuit bottoms are comfortable . Manufacturers have made great technological progress on these fabrics in recent years. Panties that go up to the navel and reinforced with underwiring on the sides, will sculpt your belly; neither seen nor known!

The tankini

The tankini is an intermediate model of swimsuit between the one-piece and the bikini. The briefs are rather classic, but the bra is longer, like a tank top . Unrolled to the bottom of the belly to conceal your complexes, this model can also be raised to the chest. Handy for basking in the sun!

There are different models of tankinis. Some are tight. Others more floating graft ruffles, fringes or other frills on the lower belly. The objective is of course to rebalance your silhouette, by accentuating a part other than your complex zone. Finally, avoid too much bulk in the abdomen , but more at the top of the bust.

What colors to look slimmer?

Our advice is very simple:allow yourself everything, with a few exceptions! Precisely, let's talk about these missteps.For women complexed by their belly , or more generally round, light tones, pastels, white or cream are to be avoided . Transparent or too pale, they are unfortunately not very flattering for the rolls.

Dark tones

We won't tell you anything about that! Black is the color that hides curves. Opaque, your black swimsuit will not show anything; a smoothing effect as we like them. Chocolate or navy blue tones are also top slimming colors.

If you don't really like black, but approve of its effectiveness, then consider a jersey with black accents, just where you need it. A side black band at the waist, or two vertical black bands on the sides , give the illusion of a slimmer body.

Matte tones

Matt tones refer to rather dark colors , but mostly non-shiny . Swimsuits made of a shiny material will accentuate the so-called unsightly areas. Reflections are therefore to be banned.

Bright colors

Just because black thins doesn't mean you have to deprive yourself of color! And if in addition, you are rather sparkling and cheerful, then opt for clothes that look like you. Orange, red, blue, green, purple:anything goes! Depending on your skin color, choose the swimsuit color that will enhance your complexion, avoiding tone on tone of course.

For fashion addicts, pop and supercharged colors are in vogue for the summer next:candy pink or pop green, in small touches or in a total look for those who would fully embrace these explosive shades.

Which swimwear prints should you choose to slim the silhouette?

Third and final point to tip the scales on when choosing your new swimsuit:prints.

The vertical stripes

Far from being a novelty, stripes and bands in the vertical direction make it possible to lengthen the silhouette . Conversely, the bands and horizontal stripes, as found on sailor tops, have the effect of widening and packing the circumference of the belly, the breasts and the hips. Vertically, the stripes stretch up the body.

Small prints

Far from wanting to impose on you a completely compliant jersey without eccentricity, it must be recognized that big prints are to be avoided . They just make you bigger. Compare, for example, two retro-style jerseys, with large and small polka dots. The small polka dots play on discretion and suggest a style. Large polka dots, on the contrary, tend to force a line.

You like flowers ? No worries, as long as they are printed with small flowers. You know the music…

Other prints

Lots of prints play on feminine shapes. Starting from the crotch to go up to the chest, some patterns are meant to be dynamic. The gaze then focuses on the print, more than on the belly.

Also, some fashion designers bet on alternating patterns or visual cuts through the seams of the garment. Imagine a one-piece swimsuit whose patterns would be distributed only on the upper and lower ends of the garment. The result:the attention previously focused on the stomach is forgotten.

On the beach, to stroll, sunbathe on your beach towel. or for swimming, the swimsuit is the centerpiece of your look. The one-piece swimsuit is on the rise, but not only:the shaping panties too ! When it comes to patterns and colors:you have the cards in hand, according to your tastes and desires. It's up to you!