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How to be elegant, stylish and modern in a suit?

You the working girl, definitely wear a suit to go to the office. At first sight, this austere and rigid set, and formerly reserved for men, is worn more and more in an offbeat way. The women's suit has been dusted off and we're delighted! This work outfit now rubs shoulders with the trendiest catwalks and fashion houses. There are a thousand ways to be elegant, stylish and modern in pants and suit jackets. In 2020, dare to break the codes of fashion at work, this world so uncompromising with women, you will agree. Impose your classic, glamorous or casual style, whatever the cut and the accessories selected. Here are three rules to follow that will help you find your tailored look , the one that will stick to your skin!

Rule #1:Break tailor codes

Exit the black suit without personality; no way to blend in! Your discretion and professionalism will never depend on your clothes. Why try to fit into a mould? A suit can be worn close to the body, straight, loose, even mismatched. The big boss of your wardrobe is you! Then let your identity and your independence shine through through your work suit.

Sparkling colors and daring prints (crosses, stripes, flowers for example)! Dare mustard yellow, burgundy red, chocolate, pop green, electric blue, and everything that helps to enhance your pretty face. Also play with materials:cotton, tweed, silk, linen, wool and velvet. Vary the textiles as much as possible, taking into account the seasons, of course.

The suit can be worn in many other situations. Provided you choose a quality women's tailor you can afford everything, do not be afraid and push the limit! The costume has its place during afterworks, day or evening outings. Like a chameleon, adapt your style to the mood of the moment. Substitute your moccasins and other business Derbys with more casual shoes. After work, your blouse will go to the closet. Then take out your little lace top, more suitable for your meetings with friends. Your outfit will be original; that is the goal.

Rule #2:Choose the right fit

Your body type is not suitable for wearing a suit? Nay, no woman has to hide from her curves! Many cuts of jackets and pants adjust to the curves of your body. You just need to know on which tailor model position themselves as a priority. From fitted to oversized, there's something for everyone.

The fitted suit

This is the suit that suits rather slim body types . Have your waist circumference, crotch and shoulder width measured by a professional, in order to adjust the suit to your measurements. Your sharp silhouette will be highlighted. You can also afford all types of pants (cigarette, pleated, straight) for a fitted and elegant suit.

The straight cut suit

We recommend this cut if you have a defined waist and aligned shoulders. You can afford to wear just about anything. For "V" morphologies (shoulders wider than hips), start with straight pants, to be paired with a flared jacket but not too many shoulder pads!

High waist suit + pants

For smaller builds, the suit set with high-waisted pants is ideal! Give the illusion of longer legs by wearing high-waisted, fluid palazzo-type trousers, accompanied by a trendy, tucked-in blouse. For A-shaped morphologies, thin at the top of the body and wide at the bottom (hips, thighs), high-waisted pants paired with atailored jacket with shoulder pads well marked will also fit you like a glove.

The fluid jacket

Look for the amplitude of the suit in its upper part, if you have a generous chest that is difficult to hide. The XXL jacket diverts the attention now focused on the length of the jacket and the build of the shoulders. Very modern, a double-breasted or spencer jacket, and detached, will suit you perfectly.

Total oversized look

It's daring, sure, but this oversized look will get you noticed. There is no ideal silhouette for wearing a super wide suit. You will still need to mark the size if you opt for a double-breasted jacket, with a belt for example, to break up this masculine look. Accessorizing:the key. We're coming right now!

Rule n°3:accessorize women's suits

We said it, the costume is not necessarily worn strictly. Unmatching is strongly recommended to aim for a casual look (and not just in the evening). Thus, a fun T-shirt under the unbuttoned jacket can be a first step or introduction. In another genre, take off your suit pants and replace them with skinny jeans. No need to be super serious in appearance for your business and important appointments. No doubt, you will be stylish and modern in a suit.

The second step is to complete your tailored look stylish accessories. Swap your office shoes for sandals, sneakers, boots, or pumps. As for sneakers, converse, Stan Smith or sneakers will do the trick. However, avoid running shoes that are less casual, but more appropriate for running. Heeled shoes, with pointed toes, are very trendy to cut the straight line of tailors. Some sandals go well with women's suits, laced around ankle-length trousers.

Finally, we recommend adding accessories to feminize your suit (as for the oversized look):a belt to mark the waist, extra large earrings to energize the together. The feminine / masculine looks are relevant when they are modernized with small touches:a chic brooch, cuffs or a large fancy ring, a long necklace or a link chain to dress your chest.

Would our three rules have had an effect on your business woman look? Changing clothes at work is brave, but it's just a matter of habit; for your colleagues too. The costume can now be worn even outside of your job . The women's suit is a centerpiece to keep in your dressing room. To think outside the box, dare to use color, patterns, fancy and feminine accessories, quirky shoes, various fabric materials. Also plan to adjust your set to your morphology. Being elegant, stylish and at the same time modern is not an easy task. There are indeed as many cuts as there are looks to adopt:blazer, double-breasted, spencer, collarless, straight, pleated, cigarette, etc. Take your pick!