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Summer shoes:barefoot to enhance your feet?

No need to get lost in the din of summer trends. To put it simply:escape invites itself into dressing rooms with this touch of vintage in retro. Pop colors, embroidery, ruffles, mini outfits, denim, XXL cuts, inspirations from past decades are sure to inspire the fashion sphere. Baby doll dresses, oversized blazers, high-waisted pants, shorts, bermudas, bomber jackets, bralettes or even ruffled t-shirts... do you think your outfit lacks spice? There's nothing like twisting it with a set of carefully chosen accessories. Flowery ribbon to tame your mane, openwork cane bag to store your personal belongings, don't forget those who hold the upper hand:barefoot to complete it all . Like every summer season, the barefoot attracts all the attention as soon as the good weather returns, the barefoot is therefore at the party and you will love them.

Barefoot:summer fashion shoes

With their sun-drenched DNA, sandals are a safe bet this summer. Both for the city and for the beach (and at work for those who are not in holiday mode), barefoot shoes are essential shoes.

Summer has certainly begun, but it is not too late to adopt them. And for good reason, the sales are barely there, enough to allow you to opt for all the barefoot models that do not fail to appeal to you with your feet. What to satisfy especially your desires without digging in your woolen stocking. Flat, heeled, wedge, classic or fancy in particular, you are spoiled for choice to enhance your feet and bring that touch of style to your outfits. Sandals, mules, beach shoes, gladiator sandals... the wide selection of barefoot sandals is not lacking in elegance to bring that touch of femininity and highlight your legs. models at the forefront of the trend, true best-sellers as they are timeless.

Flat sandals:colors, materials, trendy summer prints

If it's up to you to choose your best allies from the existing selection of barefoot, the fact remains that there are some to count in your dressing room. To help you, there's nothing like discovering these little details that do everything to ensure that your barefoot shopping selection is at the forefront of the trend .

To boost your outfit, opt for reptilian-effect or leopard-print cracked leather sandals. The Mock croc and the animal print invite themselves on the barefoot to glamorize the style with a little touch. For the sexy and romantic side, combine your shoes with a white ruffled blouse and a denim skirt. You can also flatter your summer strides in style by betting on a pair of barefoot sandals with a very sixties square heel that combines vintage spirit and glamour. To give yourself a beautiful leg, don't miss these trampling pieces that make your feet shine subtly. Set with stones, rhinestones, pompoms, pearls, your sandals become a jewel for the foot. From nothing they sublimate your look a little bland in appearance and make it sparkle with a thousand lights to explode the elegance counter. In an eco-friendly swimsuit (trendy!) or in a long bohemian tie-dye dress, opt for a model of barefoot that does not forget the comfort. Crossed flanges, ribbons delicately tied around your ankle, your feet will be entwined with care and style. And because the summer promises to be mild, bet on tangy, soft, light colors. In addition to pop shades, gold, silver, copper, flowers, shades of beige, brown, pink will bring the right dose of chic.

Finally, to brilliantly brighten up the details of your barefoot, accumulate jewelry . Again and again and more if affinity, accumulate like Arman the jewels that smell good the holidays. Shark tooth, surfer necklace, golden chain necklace, colored cords like a Brazilian bracelet, kitsch bracelet with shells, bracelets with stones and feathers, thin rings on the five fingers of the hand or ankle bracelets... dare them solar talismans, the bling-bling side, the mix of genres for a summer of the most extravagant jewelry side.