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5 babydolls to be sexy without overdoing it

Want to put away your cuddly pajamas with the arrival of sunny days? What if it's an opportunity to treat yourself to a pretty babydoll? The perfect alliance between glamor and comfort, a nightie well chosen will allow you to be sexy without overdoing it! Discover our shopping tips for a sexy babydoll without overdoing it .

1 Long nightie

Very trendy at the moment, the long babydoll is perfect for anyone who wants to be sexy, but looks like they didn't do it on purpose. Perfect for embodying the "I woke up like this spirit by Queen B, this babydoll cut will particularly highlight the tallest of us. We advise you to choose a really refined model, so as to make your long nightie your indoor little black dress. Question of cut, opt for something straight, and/or slightly fitted at the waist. For the neckline, it is best to choose according to your chest:the less generous it is, the more you can bet on a plunging neckline, without going overboard. Finally, when it comes to the materials to choose, we like things that shine, with satin and silk coming out on top.

2 The red babydoll

If we had to keep a single color to evoke love and sensuality, it would probably be red and its variations . Carnal and provocative, this color has the power to transform (almost) any garment or piece of lingerie into an undeniable charm asset. If you want to treat yourself to a pretty red babydoll, while "calming the game" of sexyness , you will have to bet on a sober and classic cut, just to rebalance everything. Depending on your size, you can choose your longer or shorter nightie , but avoid the very short format, too sexy for the desired effect. The above-the-knee length is a good compromise whether you're tall or short. Similarly, bet on a straight cut or very slightly flared on the hips and avoid cotton nighties and other empire cuts which are more "romantic" than "sexy".

Finally, we advise you to opt for a "just" red babydoll or with a few subtle details:we forget the red babydolls all in lace, plunging necklines, bare backs, lacing effects, etc., to stick with something simple and elegant.

3 Babydoll with lace details

Lace, there's nothing like "glamorizing" a nightie . Take any simple model and add a lace trim on the neckline and/or on the low seam, and you get a glamorous and sexy babydoll , but very far from the vulgar.

4 The backless babydoll

The bare back is clearly the new neckline. Trendy, elegant and very subtle, it reveals a little skin, but without overdoing it. Depending on your tastes and your morphology, you can adjust the depth of your bare back and choose the details you like. Our favorite of the moment is the bare back with light and elegant lacing, which dresses the back nicely and brings an additional sexy touch to the nightie . To know on the other hand, if you fall for a backless babydoll , it is important to choose a very sober model. We advise you to favor classic colors such as black, taupe, powder pink , or even dark shades of red like burgundy, and bet on a straight and long or mid-length cut.

5 The playsuit:the trendy alternative to the babydoll

If you're not sure you want a babydoll but you still want to feel sexy in bed, go for a nighty-inspired jumpsuit ! In satin or silk, with lace details, a neckline or a bare back, it has everything you need to make you feel glamorous and trendy. The romper cut has been around for a few years now but is currently becoming the new must-have for nightwear , it's time to crack!