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How to wear riding boots this winter?

Among the winter fashion trends, boots continues to seduce us and comes back every year with different looks. This season, the riding boot and its chic spirit take hold of urban looks. We wear them with elegance but discretion and we mix them with all kinds of feminine fashion pieces.

The riding boot, it is the perfect emblem of the neo-bourgeois chic style . A sophisticated look with an elongated and refined silhouette by a beautiful quality leather boot.

How to wear riding boots this winter ? What to wear riding boots with ? Mes Habits Chéris explains everything to you.

What are riding boots?

Riding boots are aptly named since they are boots originally intended for riding. Diverted from their primary function, they have become a fashion piece in their own right for a chic and trendy city look .

The riding boot is a high boot which often happens at the level of the knees.

With a refined style, it is worn most of the time without heels but they also exist in a high heel version. The toe of the riding boot is round with rods on the sides of the shoe.

Thanks to Hermès who started the riding boot trend to make it a stylish and sophisticated shoe.

Why do riding boots make us fall in love?

Perfect for the arrival of autumn, riding boots keep you warm and are comfortable to wear. They provide excellent protection against cold, rain and wind. And all in style!

Because yes, riding boots are stylish. A fashion piece in their own right, the tall, chic boot blends in perfectly with an urban chic look or a neo-bourgeois style.

The good news? There are some for all tastes, black, camel, colored with or without heel pads. You will be spoiled for choice!

Contrary to what one might think the riding boot is very feminine . Wearing it in a city look is a winning bet. We are a long way from the racetracks in the middle of the meadows. And for good reason, the riding boot is high and long and refines the silhouette with elegance.

For slim women, the riding boot is perfect. It refines and sculpts the silhouette. It gives a lot of style and a good dose of French charm.

How to choose your riding boots?

With rods, buckles, ties, flats or heels, it's up to you to see which version suits you.

  • As for the material, choose quality leather to keep the chic spirit of the boot.
  • A sober and natural color for a minimalist but elegant and comfortable style.
  • Go for black, charcoal gray or a nice pair of camel riding boots .

What to wear with riding boots?

Unlike some very feminine shoes such as boots or heeled ankle boots, the riding boot surfs on discretion and elegance. Feminine yes, but with finesse.

Riding boots and skirts

So you can wear riding boots with a skirt . Wool skirt, leather skirt, tweed skirt, trapeze skirt, small short skirts will have their effect. For a chic neo-bourgeois style, go for the pleated midi skirt version and heeled leather riding boots . A chic duo easily enhanced with a fitted blazer or a beautiful lace blouse.

Forwearing riding boots in winter while remaining feminine, marry them with tights. Tights and riding boots are a winning combination.

Dare to use warm and chic materials for the winter. High-waisted shorts are also very trendy!


Riding boots and pants

The pants are also perfect with this style of boots. But be careful to choose your haircut carefully.

If you wear them with jeans, go for a skinny model instead by wearing it inside your boots. Exit the trendy jeans of the moment with a loose fit! Save your mom, boyfriend or flare jeans for other looks.

Riding boots are worn with close-fitting stockings (tights, skinny pants etc).


Riding boots and dresses

What dress with riding boots?

It is quite possible to wear a dress with riding boots .

Bet on a trendy cut but stay sober with neutral colors.


In summary:

  • The riding boots are a chic and trendy piece perfect for winter.
  • It fits perfectly with our city wardrobe for sophisticated outfits.
  • We associate it with skirts, dresses or tight jeans.
  • The right look:opt for pieces that are always chic but neutral and sober.