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How to choose a bow tie for your man?

Elegant, retro and trendy, the bow tie is one of those fashion accessories that a man absolutely must have in his wardrobe:weddings, special occasions, but not only. The bow tie is super trendy, yes, but it can also be the cause of real fashion missteps if you do anything, especially by choosing it. Do you want to spoil your darling, husband, dad or brother? How to choose a bow tie for men?

Don't worry, we give you all our advice for choosing a bow tie according to the rules of the art.

Where did the bow tie come from?

If we had forgotten it a little in recent decades, the bow tie is however far from being at its fashion test, since it was already worn at the beginning of the 19th century. At the time, the fine white linen tie was the must-have of men's fashion, until a handful of trendsetters begins to wrap it several times around the neck to tie it nicely in the front. It was enough for the trend to be exported everywhere, and for the knot to become a butterfly. It even seems that it was in France that this famous knot would have changed into a butterfly, in honor of Puccini and following the death of "Madame Butterfly" in 1904. French or not, the turn of the 20th century opens the large bow tie doors which spreads like wildfire and dresses the necks of the greatest of this world (or another) such as Churchill or James Bond. It then becomes a somewhat outdated piece, reserved for very special occasions that require the wearing of a tuxedo, to finally become the chic and trendy accessory that we love today.

The different types of bow ties

Let's start with the B.A.BA:what are the different ties that exist for a bow tie and how to choose?

Pre-attached:the easy version

These bow ties are sold assembled and sewn , i.e. you cannot undo them yourself. It is very practical, but a little less aesthetic than the traditional knot. This type of tie is generally found at entry-level, which makes it a good solution for beginners, or simply if you want to try the bow tie before investing.

Those to tie yourself:the traditional bow tie

The classic bow tie . It is found more in the high end, and the result is very elegant. You will have the choice between an adjustable neck or not, as for shirts. The perfect option for purists and/or those who want one (or more) very beautiful bow ties.

The clip-on bow tie:the right mix

The clip-on bow tie is, as its name suggests, quite easy to use since it attaches directly to the shirt collar. Generally, these knots are sold pre-tied, but you can undo it if necessary. More aesthetic than the pre-tied and more affordable than the traditional, the clip-on bow tie is a good mix for everyone .

What are the criteria to know to choose your bow tie?

Choose your bow tie is not complicated in itself, but you still need to know the right criteria. We take stock.

Its size and shape

There are several shapes of bow ties :classic, dandy, lord, club, butterfly and slim. No shape is better than the other or more suitable for one occasion than another, it is above all a matter of taste. What to remember when choosing your bow tie , is that it must be adapted to your morphology. The bigger and/or stronger you are, the bigger the bow tie should be, and vice versa. Be careful not to fall into too much :a bow tie should never be wider than the wearer's face .

His material

If you want to go traditional, opt for a black silk bow tie , the traditional version of the accessory. On the other hand, nothing prevents you from choosing another material, according to your tastes, your style and the occasion. Today we find velvet bow ties , in wool or cashmere, which are perfect for winter, as well as others in cotton that will work very well for sunny days. You can also opt for an original wooden or leather bow tie, for example , which are pretty ways to shift your outfit while remaining very fashionable.

Colors and patterns

As for the different shapes of bow ties , everything here is above all a matter of taste. There is no absolute rule, except to be careful not to combine colors and patterns haphazardly. When in doubt, bet on a plain and sober bow tie , which will be easier to wear than a more colorful model. That said, bow ties with polka dots, checks, flowers, etc. are very trendy at the moment, so it's up to you.

Which shirt to wear the bow tie with?

Attention, it is in the choice of shirt that lies the success of your look with a bow tie ! You must first know that it is a story of the collar before being a story of colors. You cannot, in fact, wear the bow tie with just any collar. To avoid fashion missteps, you can bet on the French collar:simple, elegant and suitable for all sizes of knots. A narrow collar can also work, especially with a slim bow tie. If you want a little more originality, opt for a club collar, very stylish with a bow tie . Finally, for a formal occasion, wear a wing collar shirt, the traditional shape of tuxedo shirts.

Now that you know everything you need to choose the right bow tie , which model are you going to fall for?