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5 reasons to opt for slouchy jeans

If you are a fan of the mom jeans cut, you might well be seduced by the new trendy jeans cut of the moment:the balloon cut . Ultra trendy version of denim cuts, the balloon also known as slouchy seduces fashionistas all over the world.

With its nineties inspiration, the balloon jeans has everything to please. It can be worn with all styles of clothing and adapts perfectly to many fashion pieces.

Zoom in on the trend of the moment: slouchy jeans.

What are slouchy jeans?

The slouchy jeans is also called the balloon jeans . It's a new ultra-trendy cut that we've been seeing everywhere lately and which hasn't finished talking about it this year. Its cut is inspired by the retro cuts of jeans from the 90s.

How to recognize slouchy jeans ?

  • The slouchy jeans have a high waist and a wide cut in the thighs and buttocks.
  • It slightly tightens on the lower body.
  • Its shape is rounded.
  • These are 7/8th jeans .

What is the difference between slouchy and mom jeans?

The slouchy is devoid of adjustment, it is really loose and rounded.

It is therefore very easy to make the difference between a slouchy and a mom jean .

How to wear slouchy jeans?

Balloon jeans:the trendy jeans of the year

Slouchy jeans are the trendy cut of the moment. The jeans that give you a sure cool and stylish look in no time.

There are slouchy jeans available in all shades of denim, from white slouchy jeans to black slouchy jeans and classic denim.

With its modern, retro-inspired cut, it is about to dethrone flare cuts, boyfriend cuts and even the incredible mom jeans.

What morphology for slouchy jeans?

The advantage of slouchy jeans is that contrary to what one might think, it is suitable for all body types. Small, tall, round or thin, it adapts to different silhouettes and finds its own style for everyone.

Its high waist makes it an ally if you have curves because worn with heels, it will refine your silhouette in the blink of an eye.

Be careful though, if you have a belly, its cut will not necessarily make you look good!

What to wear slouchy jeans with?

The ideal is to bet on a contrast between the upper and lower body.

  • For a chic feminine look, opt for an elegant top. A beautiful blouse tucked into your jeans, a flowing white shirt, a lace bodysuit.
  • For a retro look, belt up your slouchy jeans and opt for an oversized top tucked into your jeans. You can also choose a top with balloon sleeves or with shoulder pads to play on contrasts and volumes.
  • For an office look, opt for a slouchy black or raw with a basic white top and a nude shouldered blazer. Belt your jeans to mark the waist and wear boots or ankle boots with heels.


For example, you can choose a blouse with balloon sleeves in organza or a lace top.Wear your slouchy jeans with heels to gain height and avoid the "packed" effect.Finally, dare the fashion accessories of the moment to upgrade your look, a black fedora hat, a crochet bag, a pair of trendy loafers, etc.

Mistakes to avoid with the slouchy cut

  • Wear a loose top and accentuate the "no shape" effect.
  • Do not enhance the figure by wearing sneakers that are too chunky or shoes that are too flat.
  • Do not mark the waist which is the fashion touch of this cut of jeans.
  • Wear balloon jeans if you have a belly (it would only accentuate the shapes).