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Are thongs still in fashion in 2020?

Strings, panties, shorties, thongs, Brazilians, in the land of underwear as in women's ready-to-wear collections, fashion is constantly evolving.

While the string had its heyday for about ten years, what about today? Is this underwear, as practical as it is sexy, still popular?

The cuts of high-waisted panties once shunned are back in force in stores. Should we put the thong in the closet ? Focus on a lingerie trend which has not finished being talked about.

Is thong still trending?

The string from the 90s to the 2000s

The thong was the trendy piece of lingerie from the 90s to the 2000s.

At the time, panties were completely outdated. A retro eye hangs over everything that hides the buttocks and fashion is fine lingerie , very very thin.

This is how the thong was the most worn underwear of the decade and by far the top seller in lingerie stores.

If we have all worn thongs at one time or another (or not!), the observation is that it is becoming increasingly rare in lingerie stores . What happened?

The string in the collective unconscious

Why this dislike for the string? We say thank you to the girls who wear the string thong out of jeans!

Formerly a sexy chic piece, the thong is on the way to becoming the emblem of vulgarity in the country of underwear. Yes, okay, here we are going a bit far but not that much...

And then with the retro fashion that has taken over the catwalks in recent years, it's time for more sophisticated cuts with more fabric. High waists, thongs, chic bodysuits, lace, etc.

Another disadvantage of the string :its lack of comfort. Not always pleasant to have that piece of string stuck in the buttocks when wearing pants or a dress.

How to wear thongs in 2020?

So can we still wear the thong or is it has been ?

The string yes, but with finesse and discretion.

If you like this fashion piece, forget the elastane cotton string thong and go for trendy thong models with a larger size and a refined material.

If you are looking for underwear that will go under a white dress, white pants or ultra-tight clothing, it is better to opt for a flesh-colored thong than a huge cotton panty apparent black!

What lingerie to wear in 2020?

Some lingerie items are particularly trendy in recent seasons.

We have seen the bralette land, a fashion piece halfway between thebra and the croc-top. A sexy and refined piece.

On the bottom side, the buttocks are increasingly covered or semi-covered with models of boxer thongs or shorty thongs very trendy.

We also see a very strong democratization of panties . To stick to the retro trend that has taken hold of the catwalks this year, lingerie is bringing out the high-waisted panties.

And the thong in all this? Yes the tanga is still there.

These days, women want comfortable and sexy underwear.

For a sensual touch, opt for lace or viscose panties.

Cotton panties yes, but for playing sports, not for going out to restaurants with darling!

In summary:

  • The string string, it's over!
  • The fashion is in boxer thongs or shorty thongs.
  • Can you still wear thongs ? Yes, of course, because it remains the best option under certain outfits.
  • Evolve your wardrobe and mix up your underwear. Thongs, shorties, high-waisted panties , bodysuits etc.. You have a multitude of options as sexy as the thong.