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The return of the fan:between history and fashion

An obsolete and romantic object, long confined to the rank of entertainment accessory, the fan is nevertheless in the process of returning to fashion trends the most vibrant of the moment. Useful, pretty, refined and deliciously feminine, we absolutely love the fan This year. Focus on the history of this beautiful object, and some tips for adopting it!

Since when do we fan ourselves?

If you thought that the fan was the prerogative of flamenco dancers, think again! The history of this accessory goes back much further and takes us to the remote lands of Egypt, Rome and ancient Greece. Many elements, textual or pictorial, make it possible to trace the history of the fan in antiquity in Europe and the Orient. The oldest fan known to date comes to us from afar since it was found in China and dates from the 7th century BC. This single example is a single sheet that does not fold. To find the origin of the folded fan, the most widespread model today, you have to go to Japan where, inspired by the wings of bats, an inventor would have had the idea of ​​creating what is called a “komori (literally "bat" in Japanese) in the Land of the Rising Sun.

During the 16th century, the folding fan arrived in Europe passing through Portugal, and quickly became a must-have for the country's nobles and bourgeois. In less time than it takes to tell, the fan and its perfect handling become an integral part of women's grooming , and are then a guarantee of distinction and coquetry. In addition to being a fashion accessory, the fan becomes a communication accessory discreet and madly codified. If, by chance, you wanted to tell your crush that you really love him, for example, all you have to do is beat your fan very quickly (and that your crush is familiar with the language of the fan, which is a another story).

Faced with this enthusiasm of the European people for the fan, French, English and Italian craftsmen dominated production in the 18th century and made the fan a real work of art . Paintings, embroidery, feathers, ivory, mother-of-pearl, precious stones... Nothing is too beautiful for the fan ! Eventually, the fashion for the fan slowly faded and the accessory fell into disuse.

The fashionable comeback of the fan

Today, the fan has not yet recovered all of its former glory , but we can no longer deny that he is securing a surprising but successful comeback. We're swooning over the fans again, and that's good! This return to fashion has been in preparation for a few years now, in particular with the takeover of Maison Duvelleroy (a great name in the fan in the 19th century) in 2010 by its heir, Michel Maignan, Raphaëlle de Panafier and Eloïse Gilles. They have decided to relaunch the brand and the accessory by offering two distinct lines, one is very high-end, with models in peacock feathers for example, which cost several thousand euros, while the other is much more affordable.

Ten years later, we can finally say that the fan is one of the summer accessories that you absolutely must have to be stylish, and stay cool. Because yes, apart from being an extremely refined fashion item, the fan is also a useful item , especially during heat waves. And, when a trend is both stylish and practical, we say yes!

Which fan to choose and how to wear it to be stylish?

If you're like us, you should already be dreaming of yourself all tanned on a summer day, chilled and ultra-stylish armed with your fan . But which one to choose? What to wear it with? We give you some tips.

Choosing your fan:a matter of taste

We would tend to advise you, above all, to bet on a range of quality . Avoid poor quality fans and prefer a slightly more "high-end" model. Choose, as much as possible, a fan made of natural material (wood, bamboo, cotton, silk, etc.) and stay away from 100% plastic models, which are always much less chic. Regarding the colors and patterns, there is no real rule. You are absolutely free to choose the colors and prints you like, as long as they combine harmoniously with your wardrobe.

When and how to wear the fan?

First question that arises:when to draw your fan ? It should not, in fact, seem to do too much. Obviously, the fan is a perfect accessory for slightly dressier summer occasions :weddings, baptisms, birthdays, garden parties... But not only! You can also carry and use a fan on vacation or even in the office ! The main thing is, as always, to know how to dose. We therefore advise you to have a "dressed" fan, with feathers for example, or shiny threads, etc. and a more casual model that you can wear every day, much like handbags.