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How to choose a trendy and modern shoulder bag?

There's no denying that a shoulder bag for a woman couldn't be more practical. Whether on the crowded subway train, on our bike or running to get to work on time, at least he won't slip off our shoulders at the slightest movement. But in addition to being practical, the shoulder bag is dusting itself off today and is also very aesthetic. On the other hand, to keep a perfect look with a shoulder bag , you have to know how to choose it correctly.

Quality, leather:essential elements when choosing a bag

It's no secret before buying a new shoulder bag like any other bag or any other product, we ensure its good quality. First, because if the seams aren't clean, if it's cooked a few addicts or if the material shines a little too much, our new darling will give us a cheap look rather than a chic one. Then, if the strap of the bag breaks after a few days, the one you bought for its practicality won't be so at all.

Here are some essential rules before buying your new accessory:

  1. We choose a brand shoulder bag , whether known or not. But above all, we do not buy counterfeits.
  2. We look for the label if there is one and read it. Failing this, we ask the seller about the composition of the bag and its materials.We avoid synthetic , which will last less time and which will be especially less aesthetic.
  3. We check the strength of the seams, we test the zipper if there is one and we check the smell if the bag is made of leather. Without forgetting the press studs or decorative elements.
  4. We learn a little more about the quality of leather :Full grain leather? Leather crust? Grained leather ? Fulled? Suede calfskin? and many other technical terms that will guide us on the beauty and quality of our next shoulder bag. Luckily, the online leather goods site Esprit cuir has produced a nice special leather lexicon for us. , to find your way around.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is best to get your shoulder bag from a leather goods specialist . In some of them, a guarantee is offered for the purchase of a bag, up to two years.

Choose the right format for the right morphology

Tall, small, thin or round, to each his morphology and to each his own bag . To enhance your silhouette, it is important to pay attention to the shape and format of the chosen bag.

If you are petite, you go for a small shoulder bag. On the other hand, if you are over 1m75, you prefer larger models (but not too much either).

Slender women can afford almost anything, while rounder women , we opt for a rectangular bag so as not to pronounce the curves even more. Only women with large breasts should pay attention to the crossbody bag, since the strap that passes between the breasts gives them even more volume.

The strap, let's talk about it. Before buying a satchel or a satchel, it is essential to try it on and make sure that the strap is adjustable. It should neither be too short nor too long. And the bag must be able to graze the pelvis, or even the hips.

Of course, the size of the bag does not depend solely on the figure of the wearer , but also what you want to store there. A shoulder bag type bag will absolutely not be suitable if you have to slip in your phone, diary, pencil case and umbrella, not to mention your house keys and glasses case. To go to work, we therefore put on a larger bag. And vice versa if you're looking for a bag to go out in the evening or go out for a walk.

What style of shoulder bag to be trendy and modern?

If the crossbody bag had abandoned the catwalks, today it is back with a bang on the fashion scene. To be on trend, choose it in smooth or crocodile-embossed leather , otherwise suede. In terms of color, black is timeless. Just like chocolate brown. But we also dare fir green, navy blue, or even red, burgundy, camel or yellow . And if we prefer prints, well we let ourselves go. This year, fashion is leopard and python. The tile, too, should not be overlooked.

And if you want to add a touch of chic to your bag, or simply dress it up, tie a pretty scarf on the strap, at the base of the bag.