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Men's leather pants:top or flop?

The trend could not escape you, leather has been everywhere for a few years. With the rock chic spirit that has taken hold of streetwear looks, women are wearing leather pants, leather skirts and even leather blouses. In short, leather has become a chic and refined material and not only for accessories. But what about our friends the men? The leather pants for men is it as trendy as in women? Stylish pants or bad taste? The editorial weighs the pros and cons of the men's leather pants trend .

Men's leather trousers:a trend to be handled with caution

While women's leather pants have become widely available and are very easy to wear, men's leather pants still suffers from a certain rebellious image. Rocker, biker and sometimes even SM, men's leather pants are not so easy to adopt.

However, many fashion designers, such as Céline, Roberto Cavalli or Tom Ford are riding the trend this year. If the looks of Fashion Week kick off the fashion trends of the year, we agree that it is not always easy to dress like on the fashion shows. Well then, the leather pants for men is it vulgar ?Gentlemen, to wear the leather pants, you will need a good dose of virility. This fashion piece is a piece that goes off the beaten track and if you don't want to suffer from the image of biker which is associated with it, you will have to assume your personal style without complex. To sport the trend men's faux leather pants or real leather, we wear the pants in their luxury version. A chic and refined haute couture spirit! Conversely, you can also surf the rock trend of the moment to dare this men's fashion piece.

How to wear men's leather pants?

After scouring the catwalks of Men's Fashion Week , we are ready to reveal our secrets to you. Yes, you can be sexy and chic with leather pants.

To adopt the trend with modernity and elegance, here's how to go about it:

  • The rock style
  • The chic style

To wear men's leather pants this year, two clothing styles clash:the rock trend and the chic trend

You will understand, these pants are not a casual piece that you can wear with your entire wardrobe. Rather, it falls into well-defined clothing categories.

If you have the soul of a rocker or if you like man rock style , you can very easily integrate the leather pants into your outfits. If you have an androgynous look, this type of pants will also be perfect for you gentlemen.

For a trendy rock spirit, we dress all in black. Black t-shirt, black perfecto or bomber jacket and leather pants.

Another way, this time very chic, to wear men's leather pants, wear them as a suit! A very masculine haute couture look that sets the tone in the blink of an eye. Once again, pair your leather pants with black pieces (a black blazer jacket, a chic suit, a black shirt, a black belt, etc.).

And men's leather pants in chic sportswear style , does it work? In a more chic streetwear spirit, you can also dare the leather pants rolled up on the ankle and worn with white sneakers. For a trendy style, do not hesitate to wear a hat with your leather pants.

In summary:

  • To wear men's leather pants in 2020 , opt for a total black look.
  • Rocker version with the rocker's panoply (perfecto, men's biker-style leather jacket, etc.).
  • Chic version (haute-couture spirit), with a suit and a black shirt.
  • Casual version, white trainers, white t-shirt and rolled up ankle pants.