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Cashmere and its many benefits!

Cashmere is a material made from particularly noble natural fibres, which is very popular in the world of fashion. It is renowned for its incomparable softness and great lightness. Since the 19th century, this material has been used to make clothing, luxury accessories and other textile items. Today, cashmere still occupies a prominent place in the ready-to-wear industry and still has good years ahead of it. What are the good reasons to have cashmere items in your wardrobe? How do we get this precious material? How to adopt it for this winter? The answers in this article.

Making cashmere

You should know that cashmere comes from the coat of goats from the region of the same name . It is a mountainous area that includes part of India, China and Pakistan. When winter comes, the Cashmere goats adorn themselves with a magnificent down with fine, silky, long and tight hairs. This allows them to protect themselves from the cold, since temperatures in this region can drop to -40°C. This fur is reputed to be 3 times more insulating than sheep's wool.

Contrary to what you may think, the production of cashmere is not cruel to animals. This is ‘an ancestral technique that respects the laws of nature . Indeed, this type of activity is subject to strict regulations. Cashmere producers then have to wait until the beginning of spring for the goats to shed their winter wool naturally.

The hairs are harvested with the greatest care, using a comb or a specific brush. This happens during the moulting period in the spring. The precious harvested coat is then cleaned to remove all impurities. Subsequently, the hard hairs (jarre) and the down itself are separated. This operation makes it possible to obtain a fine and quality fiber . Finally, these fibers are used to make threads, before becoming rolls of fabric.

What are the advantages of wearing cashmere?

Why opt for cashmere this winter?

The insulating properties of cashmere

Opting for the cashmere sweater for this winter means protecting yourself from the cold while being elegant and trendy. Cashmere is renowned for its insulating properties. In fact, it reduces thermal bridges and allows the wearer to stay warm during low temperatures. True symbol of softness, refinement and classic chic style, cashmere is particularly available in sweaters , which can be adorned with fancy openwork and iridescent knit , metallic threads, plastron, a sublime back neckline embellished with small bows; in fine and delicate cardigans adopting games of transparency, or cardigans; inponchos to accompany your outfits in all elegance, in sweater dresses that are the height of femininity...

Contrary to popular belief, this material can also be worn when temperatures are high, since it insulates the body from outside heat . Moreover, there are 1-ply cashmere garments, perfect for the summer season.

The softness and lightness of cashmere

Cashmere is a natural material that respects the skin. It does not cause any irritation and is particularly comfortable to wear . By opting for cashmere, you will be warm in a real cocoon of softness , while remaining perfectly elegant.

The essential cashmere sweaters

How to wear and care for your cashmere sweater?

Adopt a nice look with a cashmere sweater

Let yourself be seduced by the softness of a magnificent cashmere sweater. This is a must-have piece to create a chic, elegant and timeless look. The styles, colors and lengths are particularly varied.It's up to you to find the perfect model according to your morphology and your tastes. The cashmere sweater can be worn for all occasions:work days, evenings with friends, important meetings, etc. You can choose it with a round neck, a V-neck, a bare back or why not as a cardigan.

If you are short, prefer a short cashmere sweater. You can pair it with high-waisted mom jeans or tailored pants . Remember to slip a small shirt or a basic top inside. This kind of sweater can also be worn with a little skirt, tights and heeled boots for a trendy winter look . On the other hand, long cashmere sweaters will lengthen your silhouette if you are tall.

For a simple and effective winter look, opt for a cashmere sweater with a turtleneck . If you want to hide some curves, the batwing cashmere sweater will be your best ally. You can also opt for a cashmere poncho, an elegant and very comfortable piece. During spring, autumn or even summer, the cashmere sweater can tie around the neck or be just resting on the shoulders.

Evaluate its quality

The quality of a cashmere sweater is reflected in the type of weaving and the number of threads. Generally speaking, the higher the thread count, the softer the cashmere and the more expensive it is. The number of threads can vary from 2 to 12. 2-thread sweaters are to be worn in summer and 4-thread sweaters in mid-season. On the other hand, 6 to 12 thread cashmere sweaters are perfect for the winter season .

Caring for your cashmere sweater

Cashmere is of course a material that is particularly delicate . Thus, it is necessary to adopt the right gestures so as not to damage it prematurely.

Make sure you don't wear your cashmere sweater for more than 3 consecutive days. It is important to leave the fibers at rest so that they can be reconstituted and keep their original flexibility.

It is also not recommended to wear your cashmere sweater under another garment with elements that could attack it. It can be a zipper, a pocket with sharp objects or something else. It is necessary to avoid friction as much as possible. This can leave room for unsightly pilling.

As far as storage is concerned, it is best to lay out your cashmere sweaters flat, away from the sun and humidity. It is also necessary that the place where you store them is ventilated, since it is a natural material.

As for washing, you can very clean your sweaters well about every 2 uses . You can wash your sweaters by hand. Use a product specially designed for wool, without the slightest trace of fabric softener. If you want to iron, be careful to use a steam iron.