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Tip:eyelash transplantation

Not satisfied with your eyelashes? Too short, no nice full row? Santé tips a new method for a beautiful glance!

After the eyelash extensions and the eyelash perms you can go one step further:eyelash transplantation. For this, hair follicles are removed from the scalp microsurgically and under local anaesthetic. These are then implanted one by one, again under anaesthetic, into the eyelid

Depending on the amount of hair follicles, the treatment takes one to three hours † However, the operation is not cheap:for one eyelid you have to count on about € 2,000, for both eyelids on € 2,700 to € 2,900.

After the transplant the new eyelashes grow longer than natural lashes, so you will need to trim them regularly.

For more information you can search the internet for 'eyelash transplant'.