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What can you do about blackheads?

Do you also suffer from those black dots on your nose, chin or forehead? With these solutions you can easily and quickly get rid of blackheads and get a well-groomed skin.

1. Blackheads? Leave your skin alone first

Often blackheads disappear on their own. So it's best to leave them alone for a while and wait. Is the blackhead stubborn and do you want to get rid of it? Then you can try the following solutions.

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2. Steam your skin

Steaming makes your skin loose, soft and supple. Your pores will open, making it easier to remove blackheads.

How to do it: There are several grooming devices that can steam your face, but a simple pan of hot water will still work just fine. Before steaming, first apply a nourishing oil to your face, this will make your skin soft. Then steam for about ten minutes. After steaming, your face will be soft enough to remove the blackheads. Do this with two clean tissues. Do not forget to carefully cleanse your face with a tonic afterwards.

3. Use a comedone spoon

Never squeeze your blackheads with your hands alone. There can be bacteria under your nails that can cause the blackhead to become inflamed. It is better to use two tissues or a comedone spoon. This is a kind of spoon with an eye in the middle that allows you to remove your blackheads easily, hygienically and quickly.

How to do it: Place the eye of the tool gently on your blackhead and then apply light pressure. This releases the contents of the blackhead. Be careful not to press too hard or you will damage the skin. If you don't want the dirt out of the blackhead, leave it alone and try again in a few days.

4. Reduce your sebum production

Blackheads are a result of too much sebum. Increased sebum production can be caused by hormones, for example during puberty, during pregnancy or around the menopause. But your diet can also influence your sebum production. With a few simple adjustments you can reduce all your sebum production.

How to do it: vitamin A regulates sebum production and vitamin E stimulates the absorption of vitamin A. So make sure you get both vitamins sufficiently. The recommended daily amount of vitamin A for women is about seven hundred micrograms. For vitamin E, this is eight milligrams. Vitamin A is mainly found in animal products, such as meat, dairy products, fish and eggs. Zinc can also have a beneficial effect on your sebum production. This mineral stimulates the production of prostaglandis; a substance that keeps your sebaceous gland in check.

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