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Big deodorant test:these are the best deodorants according to the Santé editors

The ideal deodorant keeps your armpits fresh all day long, does not smell too overpowering, contains caring ingredients and is easy to apply. These are the best according to the Santé editors.

Eucalyptus deodorant (Malin+Goetz)


Editor-in-chief Annalot:“In the beginning, the strong eucalyptus scent predominates, but once on your skin, this deodorant smells very subtle. The stick is not so wet and absorbs quickly. Good for my clothes! I feel clean and fresh all day long. The fact that this deodorant does not contain aluminum and alcohol is also a plus. Just like the simple but stylish packaging. A keeper!”

Deodorant wash (Oy)


Beauty editor Carlijn:“Apply this cleansing deo before taking a shower, let it soak in for a minute and rinse it off to keep your armpits odor-free all day long. And it works! The neutral wash is thick and creamy, so you don't need much. Since using this deodorant, I feel much more confident and I no longer suffer from unwanted odors."

Regular roll-on (Deoleen)


Web editor Chantal:“I prefer rollers instead of sprays. This one was a bit stiff at first, but has since become one of my favorites. Neutral scent, absorbs quickly and my armpits stay dry all day, even after a long walk. Top! Bonus:my underarms seem to feel softer than with the deodorant I normally use.”

Multi-active deodorant 24 hours (Collistar)


Beauty editor Carlijn:“The combination of protective aluminum salt, nourishing almond milk and chamomile extract makes this an effective yet skin-friendly deodorant. The cream layer that this roll-on leaves behind can still be felt hours later. The scent is soft and the deodorant keeps me dry and fresh until the late hours.”

Deodorant ultra douceur, antiperspirant (Payot) 


Web editor Chantal:“This is one of my big favorites from this test. This roller without alcohol lies comfortably in the hand and the deodorant does not stick to your skin. The deodorant is lightly perfumed, but not too overpowering. Also absorbs quickly into the skin. I have become a fan of this brand and especially of this deodorant!”

Pure aura melon &cucumber spray (Salt of the Earth)


Editor-in-chief Annemiek:“100% natural deodorant spray in a pump bottle, so without harmful propellants. It is cruelty-free and free of alcohol, parabens and triclosan. I also like the smell:nice and soft, fresh and green. Its effect is fine, only during an exciting presentation the deodorant does not keep me completely dry. If you prefer not to use a spray, this deodorant is also available in a roller variant."

Sensitive deodorant roller (Zarqa)


Editor-in-chief Annemiek:“Until now I never used rollers, I always thought they were a bit dirty. But this 100% natural deodorant is different:it is super clean and smells neutral. Despite not containing perfume and aluminum, it works well. After application, my skin dries quickly and I can get through the day with it. If you don't like a scent, I say:do it!"

My personalized protection no. 3 velvet blossom (8×4)


Editorial assistant Saskia:“This deodorant spray dries quickly. Handy in the morning, because you can get dressed immediately afterwards and smell a nice, floral scent. The spray is not natural, but does not contain aluminum and I think that is a nice idea. And perhaps most importantly:even after an intensive workout I still smell fresh.”

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