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You can also use hairspray for this…

Hairspray is not only useful for keeping your hair in check, but you can do a lot more with it! These are six tricks where hairspray comes in handy.

1. Pass the thread through the eye of the needle

Are you fiddling for five minutes to get the thread through the eye of the needle? Spray a little hairspray on the end of the wire. Twist the end into a point if necessary. The tip of the thread gets a little harder from the hairspray, making it easier to get it through the eye of the needle.

2. Make your tights less static

If you are statically charged, your dress will stick to your tights, not very charming. With a little hairspray Spraying over your tights prevents your dress or skirt from sticking to them.

3. Fix chalk

It's a shame if you've made something beautiful on a chalkboard or put handy chalk labels on your storage boxes and the chalk fades quickly. You can prevent this by adding a hairspray spray over the chalk.

4. Control your eyebrows

Spray a little hairspray on an eyebrow brush and run it over your eyebrows. Perfect eyebrows all day long.

5. Reducing the risk of lice

Lice probably have less grip on hair with styling products. Not a foolproof method to prevent lice, but in times when lice are prevalent, some extra hairspray no harm in your child's hair.

6. Catching a spider

This trick is not friendly to spiders. Do you want to catch a spider and it runs off? Spray some paint on the spider. The spider will stiffen for a while and you can catch it. It is kinder to just let the spider sit or catch it with a spider catcher , such as this † And then just use the hairspray for your hair.

Source:Goodhousekeeping , image:Getty images