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These are the hair trends for spring/summer 2021

A new hair color often coincides with the changing of the seasons. Now that the sun is showing itself more and more and the salons are open again, it is high time to take a closer look at the hair trends for this spring/summer 2021. Are we going for long or short, for light or dark? Wella Professionals ambassador Francis Schroembges answers all our pressing questions.

Is there a specific hair trend that will dominate the coming season? There is no look impossible this season, but the choice of color palette, cut shape and accents should fit like a warm sunny summer blanket. Emphasizing our individuality and individuality is central here. Our color and cut are a frame of the face, so personalized advice tailored to, among other things, our skin color, eye color and hair quality plays an important role in the salon.

Which color trends will we see a lot of this spring/summer?
During the warm months we go for beautifully colored hair. In terms of color palettes, you can think of a cool brown base with peachy accents, a sandy beige base combined with lighter honey blonde tones, or ice blonde hair muted with cool beige tones to make it more subtle and soft. The familiar balayages remain, but new is the beautiful smokey trend, where the hair is used as a smoky eye, from light to dark. This gives a special and especially richly colored effect.

The Wella Professionals Koleston ME+ color range, recently expanded with several new cool shades, is perfect for meeting this season's color needs. In addition, creative excesses should not be missed. Think of a strikingly colored lock that you do not expect in the whole, or beautiful pastel shades. Women who are not yet ready for permanent hair coloring can visit the salon for a Wella Professionals Color Touch coloring, for example in a rosé blond shade. If you want to experiment with color yourself, you can get started with the Color Fresh Mask. With this you can easily give blond hair a temporary Pink, Rosé or Mint color, or put on a strand for a daring but temporary accent.

Are we going for a short haircut this season or are long locks the trend?
The hair will become the accessory of our summer look. And we can add 'extra' to everything:extra short, extra long, extra layered, extra shaggy… nothing is too crazy. We sometimes see bangs a bit longer or just a bit too short this season, with many layers in the other length. Now that the salons are open again, this is also the time to experiment with the length. Women who used to wear a short haircut now opt for slightly longer hair, and on the other hand, major changes may be made. The advice of the hairdresser is very much appreciated, precisely because of the lack during the lockdown.

How do we take care of our hair in the summer?
The best way to maintain our hair in the summer is with a sun protection spray, such as the Invigo Sun UV Hair Color Protection Spray. After a day at the beach, we give our hair – just like our skin – some extra attention. The Invigo Sun shampoo and conditioner are ideal to gently cleanse and care for the hair after exposure to sand and sea salt. Then choose a hair mask to moisturize the hair and add a nourishing serum if necessary. To prevent our hair color from fading in the sun, there are special hair masks to revive our color. We want beautiful and healthy hair, where we cherish our own structure more than ever.