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Style:how to choose your denim jacket?

What cut for my denim jacket?

Short and fitted or long and oversized? If the denim jacket offers a wide choice of cuts, beware of imitations:only the jacket shape goes through the decades without taking a wrinkle. So avoid the denim suit jacket, which is more often outdated than trendy!

The easiest and most common denim jacket to wear comes in the form of a short, fitted blouson, to be worn over a strapless summer dress, a short skirt or wide trousers. If you prefer pointed silhouettes and oversized fashion, adopt the wide jacket on a fitted silhouette. In any case, think about the use of the jacket:if you plan to wear it over a sweater, plan for the necessary size!

What color for my denim jacket

If white jeans are difficult to wear, this is not the case with the denim jacket, elegant and modern in white! Beware of stains, however, if you opt for an all-purpose jacket. In this case, it is better to choose blue, raw or faded denim. The stonewash has a sportier, more relaxed look, ideal for a weekend or vacation silhouette. Raw denim, on the other hand, adapts more easily to a semi-dressy style… or simply rock and roll, faithful to the jeans guide.

To choose a blue denim jacket, think in terms of silhouette:what outfit would you like to wear it with? The total denim look is generally to be avoided, unless you have mastered the color on your fingertips. In any case, denim jacket, pants or dress are more easily enhanced by complementary colors than by tone on tone. In other words, prefer a raw denim jacket if you like light colors, washed out if you only wear black!

Neither blue nor white for your denim jacket? Avoid blacks or grays, which are less advantageous. Nothing prevents you, however, from betting on colors! Dyed in pop or pastel colors, the denim goes with any look, marrying even your most basic raw jeans.

The tricks of the denim jacket

For a more comfortable and breathable model in summer, opt for jersey sleeves! Mixtures of materials are frequent and allow the denim to adapt to the season with ease. A harsh winter? Choose a jacket with a fixed or removable fur collar, or even a very contemporary denim and leather mix.

Take the time to walk with the jacket before purchase, to test its comfort. Raise your arms and lower yourself:if the model suits you, you should not be embarrassed at the armholes. Also watch its weight and rigidity, so as not to be hampered. It is better to avoid, on the other hand, the presence of elastane, which promotes the deformation of denim.

Accessorize! The denim jacket lends itself to all games, it would be a shame not to take advantage of it. Add a chèche or a scarf to it, pin brooches and pins to its lapel, roll up the sleeves and raise the collar... without forgetting good shoes, as well as bracelets on your bare wrists!