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Nabilla's sexy summer dress is causing the buzz on Instagram and here's where to find it for less than 10 euros!

While she has just married her longtime lover Thomas Vergara, Nabilla seems to be spending an idyllic holiday alongside her in Ibiza. A romantic and summer getaway that she documents with enthusiasm on Instagram and where one another's trendiest looks follow one another according to her sunny posts.

The latest? The social media star (Nabilla has no less than 6.6 million subscribers), appeared in a SHEIN mesh dress ultra sexy with cutouts on the belly. And good news, this summer dress that gives pride of place to the cut-out trend costs only €9.89 on the e-shop!

Nabilla dares the cut-out trend and we imitate it without delay with this SHEIN dress for less than 10 euros!

True trend of summer 2021 , the cut-out is this "cut-out" detail that has invaded our seasonal wardrobe. The advantage of this sensual cut? It allows you toplay sexy without overdoing it and remains accessible to everyone, the most timid can wear the cut-out on a dress or a top while the daring fashionistas can totally dare the cut-out jeans or the cut-out skirt. In short, likeNabilla and her SHEIN dress ultra desirable (and affordable), we adopt the cut-shifted trend without delay!