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Preparing your skin for the sun:9 essential actions to put in place before exposing yourself

During the winter, our body is wrapped up in many layers of fabric and therefore leaves us with a pale complexion . So as soon as the sun heats up on our skin, the desire to wear golden skin grows. And that's normal. Only here, between the desire and the realization, there is a world. Indeed, it is not always easy to know how to expose yourself again under the rays of the sun. After winter, our skin is much more sensitive and therefore more fragile in the face of the sun. Do you already see the sunburn that awaits you? However, as soon as we can expose ourselves, we do so, mistakenly thinking that the rays of the city sun do not hit as much than those on the beach. Error.

Preparing your skin for the sun:the importance of taking the right steps

To ward off bad luck and be able towear an even tan and durable, there are simple actions to perform on a daily basis, before the exhibition. And when we say upstream, it's not two weeks before leaving , but of the entire year preceding the exhibition. And if you manage to adopt these gestures then your skin will thank you and you'll find out how skin can tan . We boost our plate, we get into the habit of moisturizing our skin, we eat the right foods and we stop our bad habits. We obviously think of UV machines which sensitize our skin a little more with each use. Here are our tips.