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Beauty:Here's the reason why you should absolutely never sleep with wet hair

We loved our beautiful hair, we must admit that taking care of it takes time , a lot of time. We tend to favor treatments, once the evening has come, when there is no rush. We prepare a small nourishing mask that we leave on for dinner, then we gowash our hair just before going to bed . As satisfying as this feeling is, this routine is to be banned . Go to sleep with wet hair have negative impacts on our hair , but also on our health . Between hair that breaks more quickly, and the development of bacteria, it makes us want to get up earlier to wash it!

Wet hair:yes, but not in bed

We know that juggling between shampoo, hair drying, children's sleep, it's not always the most obvious thing. However, it is important to take the right time for your hair, at the risk of it sulking. When our hair follicles are full of water, they are immediately more elastic and easily damaged. All you have to do is turn around a little too much in bed, to create tightness and lead to breakage and fragility. According to a dermatologist for Glamor Uk, when you sleep with wet hair, "the fiber can stretch more so that the hair breaks more easily ". Plus, if you think washing your hair the night before is a time saver, you're wrong. The next day, knots and frizz will be invited on your head and will make your hair indomitable. That's not all. This routine can be harmful to your health. Humidity plus your body heat plus the pillow makes a bad combo. Your hair takes longer to dry and promotes the proliferation of bacteria . As a result, your scalp may be unbalanced by bacteria or fungi caused by humidity.