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How to tie a tie ?

The different tie knots

The tie is widely used in business for men and has even become a fashion accessory for women! Worn on many occasions, it only fulfills its chic function if the knot is well done. This one is different depending on the type of shirt you wear or the size of your tie.

Which one to choose?

There are 4 main nodes. The simple knot is ideal if you wear a shirt with a collar. The double knot can give volume to rather thin ties, while the Windsor knot is rather wide and is used for special occasions. Choose wider collars to keep a certain balance and not give the impression that the tie knot is too big. The demi-Windsor is less bulky than the previous one and more elegant. It's also easier to make to brighten up everyday outfits!

And now practice

Imagine that you make the tie knots on your man. You have in front of you two parts of the tie, one on the right and one on the left. For the simple knot, take the right part (the widest) and wrap it around the left part once and then iron it over. Then go back up between the tie and the collar. Pass the tail down through the loop you just created. Tighten and adjust. For the double knot, repeat the same steps, but make an additional turn around the left part before ironing the right side towards the neck. For the half-Windsor knot, pass the right part over the left part, then underneath, so that the wide part is upside down to the right of the thin part. Iron the wide part over the thin part then pass it between the collar and the tie, then in the loop created just now. Tighten and adjust. For the Windsor knot, just add one more turn of the wide part over the thin part before repeating the steps for the half Windsor knot. That's it, you're a pro!