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Should you match your belt to your handbag or shoes?

Belt and shoes, the real dilemma

One of the most tenacious rules of fashion tells us to match the belt with the accessories. A rule that comes to us, however, from men's fashion! While men are easily recommended the color and material pairing, the pairing in question usually boils down to wearing a belt to match the shoes, with the rest of the outfit featuring one or two colors. On the women's side? In addition to shoes, there is the question of a handbag, jewelry, a colorful outfit, a coat, tights, etc. so much more than two colors, and a real headache to match the belt.

Matching your belt to your bag or shoes, what are the advantages?

The agreement between the belt and the shoes makes it possible to limit the proliferation of colors and materials. In this sense, it has the immense advantage of simplifying the choice! Have you chosen an all-black outfit and spiced it up with red shoes? A handbag and a red belt can, in this case, give you an extra touch of originality and modernize a look. More classic? Jeans, a white shirt, fawn leather boots and a matching belt, voila. The pairing is elegant, subtle and above all simple!

Matching your belt to your bag or shoes, what are the disadvantages?

Unfortunately, the rule has its limits. It is only valid, in particular, with an outfit with a limited number of colors:one or two, ideally. If you love mixing colors and prints, it will probably not suit you! Are your favorite shoes yellow? It is not always easy to assume the yellow belt... Have you chosen to accompany your faded denim with a pair of white canvas tennis shoes? Rare are the wardrobes with a white belt! There remains, finally, a pitfall of weight to the agreement belt and shoes:the morphology. Many silhouettes are favored by a tone-on-tone belt, matching the outfit rather than the shoes...

Belts and shoes, the right measure

Match or mismatch, it all depends on your priorities! If you like simple looks and are looking to dress elegantly, without missteps, and without wasting time wondering, don't hesitate:match your belt to the shoes in first choice, to the handbag in second choice. If you like to experiment, vary styles or play with colors, on the other hand, do not bully yourself. In this case, match the belt to the style of your outfit instead:a colored braided belt with a casual outfit, a thin tone-on-tone belt with a classic look, a tan leather belt for a natural style. As for betting on the silhouette? To lengthen or refine, it is better to match your belt to your outfit, rather than to your bag and your shoes... even if it means matching them themselves to the outfit!