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How to keep pretty summer hair for a long time?

We pigment in blue!

As it oxidizes, all hair (natural or colored) lightens:blondes flirt with platinum, redheads go to Venetian blonde, chestnut and brown hair turns honey on the ends. The problem:on the way back, the color can continue to change, to yellow (blonde) or orange (brown). They are neutralized immediately with a blue care (for example the Soin Patine Correcteur de Blond de Dessange, €9.70), which deposits pigments (opposed to yellow and orange) for 3 to 4 shampoos. Of course, the color is protected with a specific treatment such as John Frieda's Everlasting Blonde Color Extending Detangling Treatment, €7.90.

Moving on to jelly.

Sun in the hair, do we want more? Long live lightening jelly (like Garnier's Sun Effect Lightening Jelly, €10.90)! It gains 1 to 2 heights of tone, rather on blondes and light browns. It works with the finger, so it can be applied precisely, all over the head or just the half-lengths and ends.

We inject a filler.

Weakened by the sun, wind and salt, the hair often appears dull on return. It is repaired with a filler (Instant Filler Dercos by Vichy, €19.30), which injects material into the heart of the fibre. Nourished and fortified, the hair is more receptive to care.

We turn on the light.

With gold or silver micro-glitter when washing (Souffle d'Or Oil-Shampoo from L'Oréal Professionnel, €14) or when styling, with a hair gloss (Touch of Gloss from Shu Uemura, €34), we heat on the back of the hand to apply in touches on the lengths or just the tips.

We play with the invisible.

With the new "nude" hair styling products (such as Spray à Porter by Kérastase, €27.50 or Spray Styling Natural Finish Nude Touch by L'Oréal Professionnel, €17) which tame in transparency, we obtain the wild effect

and naturalness that our hair had on vacation. Yeah!