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Confetti Hair, coloring that looks like an optical effect

A few weeks ago, we presented another version of the Hidden Rainbow, this trend which consists of having a rainbow hidden in the hair:the Hidden Rainbow Roots was no longer at the level of the lower layer of the hair , but at the root. This technique was developed by the Australian salon Blondies of Melbourne, and the owner, Karen Lewis, does not seem short of imagination. The young woman recently shared a new “unique”, “feminine” and “fun” color that looks like an optical effect:Confetti Hair. It's about creating touches of pastel color all over the hair, "little dots of pure joy" in the words of the expert, for a subtle and festive result.

“Tiger” wicks

If the hairstyle seems rather elaborate, it is not. On a platinum blond or very light blond base, we make thin oblique stripes on each lock (the diagram is as follows:two lines of different colors, then an uncolored line with the natural blond). One lock is colored pink and blue, another pink and yellow for example, and it is of course possible to use temporary coloring products such as Manic Panic or Crazy Color. “You can use any colors. Opt for candy-colored pastels for a subtle effect or bright colors for a more assertive look “, entrusts the professional to the site Cosmo US . After a pose of 20 minutes, rinse everything with cold water because it helps to preserve the colors. And voila, you have a beautiful kaleidoscopic mane!

We let you admire the result... To be worn at a summer evening or at a festival, guaranteed effect!