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10 steps for natural complexion makeup

Want a luminous and even complexion every day in 10 minutes? Discover our tips and the perfect routine for natural complexion makeup in 10 steps!

Before you start…

Before any make-up, it is essential to moisturize your skin well:clean, apply tonic water for hydration, a serum for care and then a cream to protect! Make-up sets better on hydrated, cared-for skin.

Step 1:

The first step? The foundation. Applied with the finger or with a make-up sponge by tapping, it is colorless and comes after the cream to protect the skin and fix make-up. The skin is then blurred, soft and smoothed:perfect for applying concealer and foundation!

Step 2:

After smoothing the skin texture, hide all the small imperfections thanks to the concealer concealer. Choose it in a shade lighter than your skin tone:the idea is then to camouflage small redness, veins and dark circles under the eyes while bringing a little touch of radiance. It is applied in local areas by tapping with the finger, with a fine brush or with a sponge. Don't forget the eyelid to even out and bring light.

Why tap? This allows for a more natural effect without any demarcation effect.

Step 3:

After concealing small imperfections, unify with foundation. Several options are available to you depending on your skin type and your way of applying make-up:a liquid foundation, a powder foundation or a tinted BB cream type cream. Whether it is liquid or powder, the foundation (or the tinted cream) is always applied after the concealer by tapping on the whole face (don't forget the hairline, the neck and the ears to avoid any demarcation) using a sponge for the liquid option or a Kabuki type brush for the powder option.

How to choose your foundation color? Powder or liquid, the objective is to even out the complexion and not to change the skin tone. To choose your shade, draw 2 to 3 foundation marks on the cheek to the jawline and then blend them with your finger or a brush:the mark you no longer see is the shade you need!

Step 4:

For a healthy glow effect, opt for a bronzer powder (or sun powder). We choose it in golden hues for a sun effect on the face! The idea is then to sculpt areas of light:we then draw a "3" by tapping with a brush, which starts from the brow bone to go to the hollow of the cheek before returning under the jaw. .

Step 5:

To give a "rosy cheek" effect, choose a blush (or blush). For a natural complexion, we favor an old rose that we apply on the cheekbones by tapping with the help of our brush.

Which brush for which application? For the liquid foundation, we opt for a flat brush, and for the powder foundation, we prefer a compact brush of the Kabuki type. For bronzer and blush, choose a wide powder brush.

Step 6:

Want to capture the light? Choose the illuminator! In powder or liquid, its light reflectors highlight the shadow areas of the face. It is applied locally by tapping in the hollow of the chin, on the Cupid's bow, on the bridge of the nose, the protruding area of ​​the cheek and the eyebrow arch.

Step 7:

The eyeshadow will bring a colorful and luminous touch to your look. For a natural and light complexion, opt for shadows in iridescent, golden and bronze tones that are applied with an eye shadow brush by tapping. At the end of the eye, choose a darker shadow in brown tones to sculpt the eyelid.

Step 8:

The eyeliner will bring more intensity to your look if you choose black or brown. For a bright and open look, apply a white eyeliner inside the eye:healthy glow effect guaranteed!

Step 9:

Eye makeup wouldn't be complete without mascara that stretches our lashes for doe eyes. It is applied to the upper lashes only to avoid black shadows.

Step 10:

Finish your complexion make-up with a touch of femininity on the lips:choose the color according to your tastes with a lipstick or a tinted lip balm.

How to properly fix your makeup? For your makeup to last throughout the day, fix it by spraying your face with thermal or floral water.


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