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UV, you won't get our skin!

UV, you won't get our skin!

To each his sun protection! Our dream body, our face but also (and above all) our toddlers deserve sun protection adapted to their needs. Decryption without filter.

Facing the sun, show your true face!

Because of its particularly fine skin, the face is one of the areas most sensitive to the sun. We obviously pass the whole chapter on the risks of ultraviolet rays concerning skin cancer so as not to dampen the atmosphere, but the fact remains that today more than ever, protection against the sun is a fundamental habit to take as soon as the good weather arrives! While you have matte skin or a porcelain complexion, don't skimp on SPF 50 filters and more particularly those formulated for the face such as UVBIO SPF50 sun milk which combines vegetable oils, shea butter, Aloe Vera and Goji Berry to effectively fight cell oxidation and premature wrinkles caused by UVA and UVB rays.

For the body, make your own kitchen

We all have the same memory. That of this end of the day on the beach, when our gaze falls on this blonde tourist still asleep, who has a vanilla-colored belly and a pretty strawberry shade back+calf combo. To avoid the “2 flavors ice cream” look, always make sure to protect your body with the most suitable product. If you tend to tan quickly on your legs, without going through the crayfish box, choose medium sun protection for your legs, i.e. SPF30 such as Antioxidant body sunscreen SPF30 from Madara . This does not prevent you from preferring the Tinted sunscreen SPF 50 of Acorelle for other more sensitive parts of the body such as the shoulders, décolleté or stomach. LISTEN TO YOU! Pay attention to your body's signals and switch from one filter to another according to your needs and the intensity of sun exposure. Your tan will be much more homogeneous with this tailor-made technique!

It's hard to be a the sun!

Ah the first time that baby discover the sea! What a moment of joy! The sand pies, the little ruffled swimsuits, the “medusa” sandals and… the scorching sun! Because of their thin, still developing skin, children are particularly susceptible to sun damage. It is therefore a good idea to give them sun protection that is fully adapted to their young age, with high UV filtering and a natural composition. For little ones from 3 months to 3 years old, Acorelle offers Baby Sun Cream SPF 50 totally hypoallergenic without abrasive chemical active ingredients or perfume.

Now that you're ready, get your umbrellas and coolers!