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NUOOBOX:finally a beauty box without commitment!

"Minimum commitment of 6 months", "24-month commitment", "By subscribing, you commit for 1 year"... You too are tired of reading these mentions as soon as you change supplier or want to test a boxes? Tired of automatically renewed subscriptions because you forgot to send a recommended?

You know what ? Us too!

That's why we give you the opportunity to try the box and unsubscribe at any time, thanks to our monthly subscription .

It's simple:you receive your first box, if it does not meet your expectations, you unsubscribe directly.

We are so convinced by the quality of our box that we are sure you will like it!

To you, the robinsons of beauty boxes who want to test before committing yourself, the Nuoobox is made for you! Discover this beauty box without commitment , filled with organic, natural and committed cosmetics!

Please note, this box is only intended for people wishing to receive healthy beauty products, good for the skin and for the planet.

What is the best box on the market?

The Nuoobox, what is it?

A gift from you, for you or a delicious treat for your loved ones who want to discover new beauty products . Every month, or occasionally, you receive your beauty box without commitment straight to your mailbox. Tucked inside:

  • Four healthy and natural cosmetics,
  • A magazine with unique content.

The opportunity for you to discover natural cosmetics , respectful of your skin and the planet. All from 16.90 euros if you choose to become one of our subscribers per year and 19.90 euros, if you opt for a single box.

How are the products in my non-binding beauty box selected?

To each woman her beauty routine . At Nuoo we understand this. That's why before sending you your first bio box , we invite you to complete a detailed questionnaire on your beauty habits, the characteristics of your skin and its problems as well as your preferences in terms of beauty products . So you only receive natural cosmetics that suit you and suit you perfectly. Face care, body care, hair care, make-up, food supplements and accessories, find various and varied products to take care of you from head to toe.

Nuoobox of the month May 2021

Why choose this non-binding beauty box?

GlossyBox , Biotyfull box or Birchbox , there are many monthly boxes dedicated to well-being already available on the market. Our difference? Offer you the choice to become a regular customer or not. The possibility for you to stop your subscription at any time. In addition, we travel the world to help you discover natural cosmetics resolutely respectful of the environment. Organic, vegan brands or simply innovative, we are committed to finding the best in beauty to take care of your health.

Every month, receive beauty miniatures and cosmetics in retail format for 16.90 euros, shipping included.

Organic cosmetics and make-up

At Nuoo, we want you to discover the best in the field of well-being. This is why we select organic cosmetics, according to specific criteria. Composition, brand ethics and product effectiveness are analyzed before being packed in your beauty box. Our organic cosmetics are composed of at least 95% ingredients of natural origin and are free of controversial substances such as parabens, chemical filters or synthetic fragrances. Face cream, shampoo, organic nail polish, care products made in France.... all packaged in recycled, recyclable or guaranteed zero waste packaging.

And since we know that the composition is not everything, we work with Crueltyfree brands, which refuse animal testing. Have no doubts about the quality of our products. All the organic cosmetics sent have an official label and meet precise specifications that allow us to guarantee their reliability and traceability.

Solid cosmetics

Exit cosmetics in plastic bottles and other harmful packaging. Get on board with Nuoo to discover the products solid in the beauty box without commitment. Shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, shower gel, many classic cosmetics have a solid counterpart. If you have ever paid attention to the composition of the products that take pride of place in your bathroom, you have no doubt noticed that in first place is often water. Solid cosmetics, formulated from vegetable oils, powder, vegetable butters and other natural raw materials, are free of this component and therefore of the preservatives associated with it. Good for the environment but also for your skin. Solid cosmetics are endowed with the same effectiveness as their liquid counterparts. Plus, they often have the power to last a bit longer. So, let's go solid?

Vegan cosmetics

Being vegan Above all, it means having convictions and adapting your lifestyle to respect them. This way of life does not stop at the kitchen doors and follows us today into the bathroom. Anxious to be able to offer cosmetic products to all women, we have unearthed committed brands that respect animals as much as the planet. Virgin of animal raw materials such as honey, keratin or milk proteins, the vegan products offered are also and naturally not tested on animals.

What are the advantages of this box for women?

Passionate about beauty and fans of cocooning moments, subscribing to a beauty box allows you to discover new products every month to integrate into your well-being routine.

For the most curious, it is of course possible to test our beauty box without obligation . For the most convinced, know that we also offer a yearly subscription. You wonder why commit and give up its freedom to terminate at any time. Many women and men tend to forget the importance of having fun and taking time for yourself. By subscribing to an annual subscription, you receive every month without exception a delicious surprise on your doorstep. Receiving your package becomes a privileged moment to treat yourself to a beauty break. In addition to the dimension of pleasure, the annual subscription also allows you to benefit from a discount on your box. Instead of 19.90 euros, your box costs 16.90 euros. And if you don't know what to do with these few euros saved, we're sure that a little tour of our e-shop will be able to enlighten you.

A different box every month

Subscribing to a Nuoo beauty box means discovering a box on a different theme every month. We emphasize the discovery of new products adapted to the season. Thus, you will be likely to receive sunscreens in the summer, mists in the spring and moisturizers in the winter.

When you subscribe, you will receive a questionnaire to find out your skin type and your tastes (would you like make-up in your box and food supplements?). The box will therefore be "personalized" to your needs and desires. And then if you don't like certain treatments, there are several ways to exchange the products in a beauty box.

A subscriber advantage

By joining the ranks of our loyal subscribers , you benefit from a 10% discount on the entire Nuoo e-shop (excluding the Patyka brand). A crush on one of our organic brands or one of our products? You can go for it at a very low price.

Thanks to this advantage, you will also be able to test products that are not in the box at a lower cost. So you have everything to gain by subscribing to our box!

One of the best monthly beauty boxes on the market with Blissim and Birchbox

Biotyfull Box, Blissim, Birchbox.. These names may be more familiar to you than Nuoobox. And yet, the latter is one of the best beauty boxes on the market! And the best placed to talk about it are our subscribers.

Take the plunge and test our beauty box without subscription!

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