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Sales:3 looks for 3 different styles

Who says sales, says shopping, and so it's time to redo your wardrobe. That's good, we've prepared three look ideas with very different styles.

You want to revamp your wardrobe, but you're a bit short of inspiration. However, it's the sales and it's the best time of the year to rush shopping. If you have the urge, but not the ideas, here are three different looks you can achieve.

Which pieces to buy for a casual urban look?

Looks inspired by urban culture have been very popular in recent years. To be stylish in this register, jogging is your best ally. This item of clothing, which was associated with sport, is now an essential item in any self-respecting wardrobe. Although comfortable, it is no longer associated with a sloppy look but is truly rooted in the way we dress. To energize your outfit, add a wool sweater and for a touch of fun, a pair of patterned socks. Finally, to finalize the whole thing, nothing beats a nice pair of sneakers that will perfectly complement your look.

Which pieces to buy for a classic look?

To go to work, or for an important meeting, it's best to swap its urban style for something a little more serious. For this, a classic look is the most appropriate. A white shirt, or a polo shirt will always do the trick. These two garments give your outfit a rigorous side. You can combine them with jeans so that your look is still current and you are trendy. Then add a quilted jacket on top, and you're done. To complete it all, a pair of black leather ankle boots will be perfectly suited and will finish your look to perfection.

Which pieces to buy for a streetwear look ?

If the streetwear was a style that we usually saw in the street, today it has invaded the catwalks and the haute couture houses are snapping up this new trend. When you wear streetwear , we focus on large prints, on the oversized but also on the colors and on the fact that the clothes are unisex. For a look perfectly adapted to this trend, we choose red jogging with writing patterns, slightly tightened at the ankles. You can add a long-sleeved t-shirt to complete your outfit, or a hoodie very wide and very comfortable. The final touch:a pair of ultra-stylish sneakers like the future Nike Go FlyEase!