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This dog poses with clothes like a real model

Bodhi is a three-year-old dog who is dressed like a human by his owners to pose for the camera like a mannequin. Published on a blog, these photos created a sensation on the Web.

We knew the animals that had human behavior like this dog who comes to mass every day since the death of his master or even this cat who has eyebrows but we had never seen a dog pose like a model in fashion magazines. Meet Bodhi, a three-year-old Shiba Inu who has been creating an internet sensation since his photos were published on the Menswear Dog blog. Its owners, designer David Fung and his partner Yena Kim, had the excellent idea of ​​having their pet pose like a real model in men's clothes.

It all started on Facebook

Only created last week, this quirky Tumblr has already been viewed nearly 500,000 times. We must admit that we can only be moved by these photos of Bodhi. We can thus see the canine posing with a beret, jackets, ties or even vests and sweaters. Like a human model, Bodhi sometimes looks away by positioning it far away or to the side. Sometimes he even has a false semblance of a smile.

In addition, we can note that on the site everything is arranged as on a real site selling clothes on the internet. Indeed, we can see the photo of Bodhi then just below, small windows with the products taken in close-up. "We thought it might be fun to do photos of Bodhi with clothes on. We posted a photo on Facebook and the reactions were positive so we decided to do more explained Yena Kim to the Daily Mail .

Bodhi, a real starlet with her quirks

But, as you can imagine, having an animal pose is not an easy thing. Bodhi's cooperation "depends on his moods (...) Sometimes (Bodhi) really doesn't want to and you don't get anything from him “, added the companion of David Fung. And, notice to all dog owners, the couple is currently looking for other canines to take other photos of the same kind and thus, feed the site which will pass, without no doubt, the million views in a while. And, who knows, maybe in a few months, we will be able to see Bodhi traveling around the world like Oscar, the globe-trotting dog.